Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Apology for Repetition

I must apologize, brothers and sisters. The last several blog entries have been directed toward answering the issue of homosexuality because Alex Haiken, a Jewish homosexual, continues to lobby ad hominem fallacies toward me while attempting to accuse me of eisegesis. The previous blog entry is my final entry answering his foolishness. The facts and evidence are stacked against him. My friend Jerry and I have tried to teach him how to perform sound, honest, responsible exegesis, but he insists on remaining unteachable and arguing his errors and misinformation. Alex Haiken continues to ignore and dismiss the respected works of reknowned and esteemed scholars on biblical exegesis who have soundly and thoroughly refuted his position, insisting that he is smarter than the combined brilliant minds God has given to the church over the centuries. However, Alex has demonstrated that he has no credibility and his so-called credentials have been called into question. Many of the works I have quoted to him from are standard fare at most seminaries. The books he quotes from no one has ever heard of before, and they are liberal in their theology.

I hope that with this unfortunate repetition of blog entries on the issue of homosexuality that you have or will become well-equipped to answer homosexuals and homosexual advocates on this issue. There is no depth of error they will not stoop to in order to try and convince you that homosexuality is not wrong, but the evidence of the Bible, of science (especially that of biology), of Nature, of logic, and of common sense, all testify otherwise. Homosexuality is unnatural and is a deviation from the standard of sexuality that God put in place at creation. Read your Bible and believe it, Christian. Do not fall for the fancy rhetoric of the unsaved who are perishing and looking for acceptance of their sins.

Anyone who looks into this issue will find that the arguments homosexuals use to try and garner support for their perverse behaviour and lifestyle are also now (inevitably and logically) being used to garner support for pedophilia, bestiality, and incest (with other sexual deviations to follow). There have been several cases around the world where women have "married" buildings or inanimate objects. The mental illnesses of our world are becoming a plague set on establishing immorality as the new "morality." Educate yourselves. Do not be caught off guard or swept up into the confusion. It is your responsibility to know what is happening and to teach others the truth. Remember, we are to love the individual (including the homosexual), but we are not to make excuses for or accept their sins. We need to act in such a way that shows we care about the individual, but in no way lends our support to their behaviour.

Thank you and God bless!