Monday, February 24, 2014

Choice Quotes on Holiness

by Thomas Watson

Holiness consists in conformity to God. Holiness is the sparkling of the Divine nature. What makes the seraphim angels of light — but their holiness? Holy men shall be "equal with the angels."

As the diamond is to the ring — so is holiness to the soul. Those who oppose it, cannot but admire it.

Holiness leads to Heaven — it is the King's highway to Heaven. "A highway shall be there, and it shall be called the way of holiness." Holiness is glory militant — and happiness holiness triumphant.

Be among the spices, and you will smell of them. Association induces assimilation. Communion of saints, promotes the holiness of saints.

Holiness is the beauty of the soul; it makes us like God and angels. As the sun is to the world — so is holiness to the soul.

The foundation of piety is on the heart; yet its beautiful frontispiece appears in the conversation. An upright Christian is like Solomon's temple — gold within and without. Piety is like leaven, which amalgamates and mingles itself with the whole man.

Walk closely with God every day. Live as under the continual inspection of God's omniscient eye — live holily. Peace and purity must walk together. The way to preserve our peace is to preserve our integrity. Turn your closets into temples. 

Search the Scriptures: the two Testaments are the two lips by which God speaks to his people, "Great peace have those who love Your law."

Holiness is God's stamp and impress; he will not own any who are without it. Holiness fits for communion with God. The holy mind enjoys the presence of God, and when God sees his likeness there, he gives his love.

To be learned and ungodly, is like Satan transformed into an angel of light. 

To be beautiful and ungodly, is like a splendid picture hung up in an infected room. 

Only godliness can ennoble, beautify, and adorn the man, and command the admiration of angels and of God.

Holiness is our spiritual beauty. Godliness is to the soul, as the light is to the world, to illustrate and to adorn it. Man is eminent before God, not for his greatness — but for his holiness. Hence a godly man walks with God, "Our fellowship is with the Father" — this is dignified elevation. A dwarf cannot walk among the stars, nor can a dwarfish soul have communion with Heaven. 

What is the beauty of the angels, but their purity? Their distinguished title is, "The Holy Angels;" and a soul furnished with godliness is damasked with beauty, and is enameled with purity. This is "the clothing of wrought gold" with which the King's daughter (the Church) is attired, and which makes her resemble "the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold."

Purity of heart gives forth, although faintly, some idea and representation of God. There is no likeness to God will prove so blissful, as our being like him in purity. God loves the pure in heart. Love is founded on likeness.

Holiness is glory in the seed — and glory is holiness in the flower.