Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Choice Quotes on Mercy

by Thomas Watson

God's mercies are past measuring, as they are past numbering. David failed in the endeavor: "Your mercy is great above the heavens!" A whole constellation of mercies has shined in our hemisphere.

The rainbow was an emblem of God's mercy. The Scripture oftener represents God in his white robes of mercy, than in his crimson robes of justice; oftener with his golden scepter, than his iron rod.

Mercy is God's right hand, that he is most used to. Wrath is called God's "strange work" — he is unused to it.

Mercy sweetens all God's other attributes. God's holiness without mercy, and his justice without mercy — would be terrible.

God's holiness makes him illustrious; his mercy makes him propitious.

The sweet dew drops on the thistle, as well as on the rose. The garden and the field where God's mercy distills is very large, "He delights in mercy."

The vial of wrath does but drop — but the fountain of mercy runs. The sun is not so full of light — as God is full of mercy. God has mercies under heaven — these we taste of; and mercies in heaven — these we hope for. "Your mercies are new every morning; great is your faithfulness."

God counts it his glory to be scattering pardons. He is desirous that sinners should touch the golden scepter of his mercy, and live.

He who sins because of God's mercy — shall have judgment without mercy. Nothing sweeter than mercy, when it is improved — nothing fiercer, when it is abused. Mercy is not for those who sin and fear not — but for those who fear and sin not. God's mercy is a holy mercy  — where it pardons, it purifies.

Mercy turns justice into a rainbow — a bow that is without an arrow.

O pray for mercy! God has treasures of mercy — prayer is the key that opens these treasures. Let your prayer be, Give me not only acorns — but pearls; give me not only mercy to feed and clothe me — but mercy to save me; give me the cream of your mercies!

Although God's children are often under the clouds of affliction — yet they are never beyond the sunshine of mercy.

"His mercies are new every morning;" mercy flows in as constantly as the tide. We never eat — but mercy carves the meat. We never drink — but out of the golden cup of mercy. Do we travel? — mercy places a guard of angels round us. Mercy draws the curtain of protection when we sleep.

For one affliction — we have ten thousand mercies!

A Christian should keep two books always by him: One in which to write his sins, that he may be made humble. The other in which to write his mercies, that he may be kept thankful.