Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Choice Quotes on Scripture

by Thomas Watson

The lines of Scripture are more valuable than mines of gold! God's Word is the star which directs us to Heaven; it is the field where "the pearl of great price" is hidden.

The Scriptures are the richest jewels that Christ has left. 

Satan and his agents have been endeavoring in all ages to blow out the light of God's Word — but have never succeeded — a clear evidence that it was lighted from Heaven.

The mystery of Scripture is so profound, that no man or angel could have known it — had it not been Divinely revealed that the Prince of Life should be born and die — that the Lord of Glory should be put to shame; that sin should be punished to the full — yet pardoned to the full. 

Then the Word is so full of goodness, justice, and sanctity, that it could be breathed from none but God. 

It bears his very image. 

It has no errata in it. 

It is a beam of the Sun of Righteousness. 

It is a crystal stream, flowing from the Fountain of Life.

It commends to us whatever is "just, lovely, and of good report." 

This "sword of the Spirit" cuts down vice!

Out of this tower of Scripture, is thrown down a millstone upon the head of sin! 

The Scripture is the Royal Law, which commands not only the actions — but the affections

Where is such holiness to be found — as is dug from this Sacred Mine? Who could be its author — but God himself?

God's Word is the judge of controversies — and the rock of infallibility! All truth must be brought to the touchstone of Scripture, as all measures are brought to the standard.

Let no man talk of a new revelation from the Spirit. The Spirit of God acts by the Word, and he who pretends to a new light which is above the Word, or contrary to it — deceives himself and dishonors the Spirit; his light being borrowed from him who "made himself an angel of light."

This blessed Book will fill the head with knowledge — and the heart with grace. 

God wrote the two tables with his own fingers; and if God took pains to write, well may we take pains to read.

There is majesty sparkling in every line of Scripture — it sounds forth sweet melody. How sweetly does this harp of Scripture sound! What heavenly music does it make in the ears of a distressed sinner — especially when the Spirit of God touches the strings! 

The Scripture is a rock of diamonds — a chain of pearls adorning the Christian, and glorifying God.

The Scriptures are profitable for all things. 

Is the believer cast down? Here are "comforts to delight the soul!" 

Is he assaulted by Satan? Here is "the sword of the Spirit" to resist him. 

The Scripture is a chart, by which the believer sails to eternity!

The Scripture is the Christian's Sundial — by which he sets his life!

The Scripture is the Christian's Balance in which he weighs his actions!

The Scripture is the Christian's Map by which he daily walks!

"Therefore I love your commandments above gold."