Wednesday, February 4, 2015

"Jesus Loves You"

When talking to unbelievers about God/Jesus, we need to be careful what we say and how we say it. It is false to tell the unbeliever that God/Jesus loves them. By doing so you create a monster because they are going to continue rejecting God (unless He gets a hold of them), and they are going to continue sinning willfully, and now you have told them that despite all of this that God/Jesus loves them, or even loves them "as they are." The church is guilty of spitting too many half-truths, which ultimately make them complete lies. It is truthful and biblical to say that God demonstrated His love toward them in that while they were yet sinners, Christ died for them. Whether or not they are part of the elect is an entirely different issue altogether, but since there is no way for us to tell if they are part of the elect or not, to say this is not entirely inaccurate.

God is love, but we need to make sure we are not confusing love with God, because love is not God. Furthermore, we need to make sure we are not attempting to make God's love trump His other attributes. All of God's attributes are holy and are equal in quality. His love is not greater than His wrath, and His wrath is not greater than His love. When you start to claim that God is all about love, love, love, you are guilty of committing idolatry; making a god in your image to suit your desires. When you emphasize His love at the expense of all His other attributes, and you deliberately ignore or deny His other attributes, you are guilty of committing idolatry. It would be best for you to read your Bible and get to know the biblical God/Jesus rather than making one to suit your own corrupt ideals.

Sadly, most Christians know nothing concerning biblical love and attempt to infuse societal "love" into the Bible's understanding of love. This is how you end up with false doctrines and bad theology. You can identify a false religion created by a man because it emphasizes sex (Islam, Mormonism). You can identify a false religion created by a woman because it emphasizes "love" (modern Christianity). If the teachings on love do not accord with the Bible's teachings, then it is not biblical love. Do yourself a favour and look up every occurrence of the word "love" in the Bible and read it in context as to what is being said. Where do you find a single verse that teaches God/Jesus loves the unrepentant sinner? Ripping John 3:16 from its immediate context and forcing the word "world" to mean "each and every person on the face of the planet" is not going to fly. People need to start studying the Bible the way they are commanded to; especially if they love God/Jesus the way they claim to.

A while ago I had posted an article dealing with the question, Does God Love the Unrepentant Sinner? The answer is quite clear. To tell unbelievers that God/Jesus loves them is not only a blatant lie, but it does a disservice toward them, giving them a false hope. But then that is to be expected when the modern church preaches a false gospel and pronounces a false salvation upon its recipients. If you cannot speak biblical truth, then perhaps it is best you keep your mouth closed completely. How hateful do you have to be to tell the unbeliever that God/Jesus loves them and give them a false hope of that love while they are headed to hell on a greased pole? When they are residing in hell, what do you think they are going to think of you for telling them God/Jesus loves them? They are going to be angry that you did not speak forthright with them and tell them the truth. If a blind man is walking toward the edge of a cliff, are you going to be telling him that someone or something loves him, or are you going to warn him that he is about to plummet to his death if he does not change direction? If an unbeliever does not repent of their sins and place their faith/trust in/on Christ Jesus and what He accomplished at the cross of Calvary, how is there anything loving in the fact that they are going to spend eternity in hell? C'mon, Christian! Wise up!

Even if God/Jesus did love them, what good is that information to them when you do not warn them of their impending doom and how to be properly rescued? If you are going to lie to the unbeliever and tell them that God/Jesus loves them, then why not tell them that God/Jesus will love them all the way to hell and then He will love them while they are in hell? It is tantamount to the same thing. If you absolutely must lie to the unbeliever about how much Jesus loves them, at least surround it with biblical truth: "Jesus loved you so much that He died on the cross to cover your sins if you will only repent and believe in/on Him." This way, if they are part of the elect, at least your statement is accurate. Going up to the unbeliever and telling them, "Jesus loves you," is a blatant bold-faced lie. Stop lying to the unbeliever, Christian, and start preaching the full and complete Gospel to them. If you do not address their sin, how they have missed the mark, what Jesus did, and how they can respond, you might as well be telling them to go to hell. If the Bible does not say it, you do not say it. Too many people are taking license to make the Bible say things it clearly does not say. The Jesus Movement was probably the worst thing to happen to the church, fusing the hippie concept of "love" with the biblical concept of love. You can still see this influencing the church today: "Can't we just love each other?" When the church does not understand biblical love, it is going to express love incorrectly. The church should be influencing the world, not the world influencing the church.