Saturday, April 29, 2017


Veritaphobia is the fear of truth. The Urban Dictionary provides these definitions:
  1. Displaying hesitation or refusal to admit or recognize that something is true, or to accept the concept of truth itself. Usually born out of fear of offending someone or being held accountable to something constant.
  2. Dismissal of the existence of absolutes.
  3. Degradation of people who profess something as true or untrue.
  4. Being willfully in denial. Gives rise to constant skepticism and doubt of everything.
Have you ever noticed that if you dare attempt to engage in a discussion with these people regarding real science (verifiable facts and evidence, what you can test and observe), the reality concerning Islam, the depravity of homosexuality, the verifiable validity of the Bible, the Christian religion, or the blatant stupidity of the Liberals by demonizing certain people while screaming "tolerance" for others (having different standards of acceptable behaviour for different groups of people), they suddenly "don't care" and are not interested and will immediately abandon the conversation? For some of them, their tactic is to even attack your character and demonize you.

Is it not interesting how these people will voice their own personal opinion on the subject first and then purposefully and deliberately bow out of the discussion without granting you the courtesy of respectfully listening to what you have to say? This is because these people are allodoxophobes—they have a fear of opinions, specifically those that are not their own—and alethephobes—they have a fear of hearing the truth. They are afraid of that which they do not know, and are not willing to learn about it. Classic veritaphobia.

These people are also gnosiophobes, having a fear of knowledge; sophophobes, having a fear of learning; deitiphobes, having a fear of God or a deity; and theophobes, having a fear of God or religion. Most of the stuff these people spew is hearsay; nonsense they have either heard or read from an equally ignorant and uneducated source. Rather than be corrected and learn the truth, their veritaphobia keeps them from ever having to do so or be so. They know absolutely nothing about the topic at hand, yet will argue tooth and nail against those who clearly do know something about the topic. If ignorance is bliss, these people are living in paradise.

Trying to dialogue with a person who is of the Liberal mentality can be extremely taxing and often futile. They do not have an open mind. They are not willing to learn the facts. These people are ignorant, uneducated know-nothing bigots and are fork-tongued, double-minded hypocrites. Be sure you are not casting your pearls before swine.

Do not speak in the hearing of a fool, For he will despise the wisdom of your words.Proverbs 23:9

We must stand up for Truth. As children of God, we have the Holy Spirit within us. He is Truth, He will guide us into Truth, and He will impart Truth to us. Whether our words are received or not, we must speak them! We must learn the truth, we must speak the truth, and we must stand for the truth!

"You will know the Truth, and the Truth will make you free." John 8:32