Monday, May 8, 2017

Expose and Avoid the Darkness

It is utterly amazing how many so-called professing "Christians" disregard the truth, God, and Scripture in order to justify their opinions and feelings. When it comes to obedience, truth and Scripture come first. Genuine Christians are supposed to expose the darkness and discard anything having to do with the darkness. Whenever someone puts their feelings and opinions ahead of truth and Scripture, it reveals their love of sin, which calls into question their supposed profession of faith. A genuine Christian does not make excuses in order to justify and hold on to something they know that they ought to let go. If they bothered to read their Bible in the least, especially the New Testament, they would see everything of which I am talking about. But when you hate God, erect your own god made in your image to suit your own desires, love your sin, and are willfully disobedient, why would you care what Scripture has to teach you, let alone take a stand for truth and expose the darkness?

People who fight so hard to protect the darkness of others, rather than expose it like they are commanded to do in Scripture, do so because of their own personal darkness. They know that if they expose the darkness of someone else, they need to face their own darkness, which they do not want to do. So in order to protect their own darkness, they attempt to defend the darkness of others. In order to make excuses for their own sin, they start making excuses for the sin in others. They have taken the speck-log scenario and perverted it, telling themselves, "Since I have a log in my eye that I don't want to remove, I'll help protect the log in the other person's eye." Hence why so many professing Christians no longer have any morals or values and will dismiss lying, theft, etc., even going so far as approving of homosexuality and transsexuality.

God has not given us a spirit of fear. Regardless of what laws are passed, the genuine Christian does not and will not bow down to the idol made of gold (re: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego). The genuine Christian is obedient and stands for truth. Consensus does not alter the truth. Majority opinion does not alter the truth. Laws do not alter the truth. If the law suddenly made rape legal, it would not be okay to rape someone. People need to start using their head. They need to learn the truth, speak the truth, and take a stand for the truth; regardless of the cost. If you are afraid to pay that cost, you cannot be Jesus' disciple—you cannot be a Christian. Jesus made that clear. If you do not first consider the cost of what it will mean to follow Jesus (trials, persecution, death), then you cannot be a Christian and you will not have received salvation, no matter how much you think you have.

When Jesus said, "It is difficult for the rich to enter heaven," the disciples marveled. Why? Because salvation is not easy and does not come easy. Unfortunately, many professing "Christians" have fallen for Easy-Believism and have never actually given their life over to the Lord, making them twice the sons/daughters of Hell than they were before. You can only be born again from above—not by human will or decision. If you have not first counted the cost of what it might mean to follow Jesus (trials, persecution, death), and you are not willing to pay that cost, then YOU ARE NOT A CHRISTIAN and YOU HAVE NEVER RECEIVED SALVATION! Period! None of this is my "opinion." This all comes straight from the Bible, straight from the New Testament. Try reading it some time.

It disgusts me how so many professing "Christians" want to fight clear lines drawn in the sand. But I should o't be surprised by it since they are not saved to begin with. They have been Pope-ishly declared to be Christians by liars, frauds, and charlatans without having actually become one through and by the Holy Spirit. Hillsong Church is guilty of this Easy-Believism, asking children if they want to go to Heaven, telling them to pray a prayer (Where is this in the Bible?), and then Pope-ishly declaring them to be Christians without ever seeing a change take place in their lives. 80% of Americans think that they are Christians and are going to Heaven. Jesus' parable of the soils reveals a lousy 25% genuine conversion. 50% of those soils are false converts. The other 25% had the seed snatched away before anything could happen. Jesus' other parables teach us how the genuine converts and false converts will grow together until the end of the age when the goats will be separated from the sheep. Jesus also made it clear that "FEW" would actually enter Heaven. Why do you think the Bible tells us to "Examine yourself; test yourself to see if you are in the faith." Why? Because "The heart is deceitful above all things." We can easily deceive ourselves about our own salvation.

Instead of being a rebellious, disobedient fool, try having some morals and values, obeying Scripture, and taking a stand for truth. Your opinion is of no relevance. You need to be obedient to the truth and Scripture. We are told to expose the darkness and to have nothing to do with it. If you are a genuine Christian, I suggest you obey your Lord and Saviour. His words are not recorded in Scripture just for the sake of it.