Saturday, May 20, 2017

Political Correctness

Political correctness has become dangerous to the Right's freedom and physical safety. The thing that is lacking from modern society is etiquette and politeness. Etiquette is the way in which we navigate one another, how we interact successfully, negotiate social and professional situations with people who did not grow up with our exact worldview and background. Etiquette enables us to do that. Mutual respect for one another. Political correctness is an effort to impose a political agenda without having to argue. If you research the history, political correctness was designed as a political tool to silence voices of dissent. Political correctness does not want to hear any differing opinions. Political correctness advocates never have any logical arguments. Political correctness is afraid of logic, reason, and truth.

It is important to give platforms to all speech. Why? Because sunlight is the best disinfectant. The best way to deal with people you disagree with, whether Conservatives or Progressives or Liberals, is the full glare of the spotlight. If what they have to say is bad, let them hang themselves. You should have enough confidence in your own opinions, and you should have the fortitude to believe that you can beat them in a fair and open marketplace of ideas. If you believe those things, you have nothing to fear from any speaker. If Conservatives are such dangerous people, then Progressives, Liberals, and Leftists should let them speak. The more they speak, the more apparent it will become. However, the Progressives, Liberals, and Leftists fear that the more Conservatives speak the more reasonable they will sound. Since the time of Socrates, there was debate. If Progressives, Liberals, and Leftists are superior debaters, then they should ask questions. Not try to speak over the other speaker, be disruptive, and act like self-entitled children in need of a good swat across their rear end.
"All you're showing anybody is that your collective IQ, if it were channelled into electricity, might be able to toast a piece of bread lightly." —Ben Shapiro (addressed to Millennial Leftist SJWs at a campus)
The only diversity that Leftists (whether Progressive or Liberal) are not interested in is intellectual diversity! Conservatives are the only people who are actually thinking for themselves. Conservatives do not show up at Leftist events picketing and protesting, disrupting the event and acting like self-entitled children. Leftists do that at Conservative events. Leftists are afraid of you hearing the truth. They are afraid you will see how shallow their intellect and arguments are, and so they try to censor you with "political correctness" nonsense. Identitarian politics that crucify people who step outside of their "racial" or sexual groups, because they have the "wrong" ideology, is the worst type of bigotry. Examples:
  1. I find it interesting that when a Feminist stands up and speaks out against modern Feminism, the ignorant, unintelligent, uneducated, anti-intellectual, know-nothing, motor-mouthed Leftist bigots will attempt to silence her.
  2. I find it interesting that when an ex-Muslim, like Sarah Haider, stands up and speaks out against Islam, the ignorant, unintelligent, uneducated, anti-intellectual, know-nothing, motor-mouthed Leftist bigots will attempt to silence him/her. They will attempt to call him/her an "Islamophobe."
  3. I find it interesting when a homosexual, like Milo Yiannopoulos, stands up and speaks out against homosexuality, transsexuality, gender "studies," etc., etc., the ignorant, unintelligent, uneducated, anti-intellectual, know-nothing, motor-mouthed Leftist bigots will attempt to silence him/her. They will attempt to call him/her a "homophobe."
It is sad how if certain Leftists do not think exactly the way other Leftists do, they are automatically condemned to walk the plank. If you cannot beat them by intelligent debate, demonize them and attack their character. Do Leftists not realize that doing such is a fallacious argument?

We used to talk about things as a society. We would debate and we would argue and we would disagree and we would still respect each other. That is what true tolerance is. Somewhere along the line, however, doing so became "rude." We used to be able to tell people when they were wrong and to correct people, even if they did not accept our correction. But then it became "rude" to tell someone they were wrong, and/or to correct them. Since when has correction been a harmful thing? When did we as a society lose our moral fibre and become thin-skinned wussified babies who find offence in the least offensive things?

If Leftists are wondering why more people of colour are not standing up for these sorts of opinions, they might want to pull out a mirror. Political correctness Social Justice Warriors are becoming more violent and triggered than ever before, because they lack logic, reason, and truth, and they know that they have no leg to stand upon. If you want to witness genuine hate speech, hate crimes, and hate violence, look no further than your ignorant, unintelligent, uneducated, anti-intellectual, know-nothing, halt-wit, motor-mouthed Millennial Leftist SJW bigots. Their arguments, much like the insides of their skulls, are vacuous.

Leftists constantly cry the "victim" because they are a bunch of wussies afraid of the opinions of others. Here is some irony: The only people who are intent on intimidating, silencing, and threatening others are Millennial Leftist Social Justice morons. Leftists are against the free open exchange of ideas. Leftists are fascists. A fascist is dictatorial, someone who does not like and does not want to hear the opinions of others, and tries to stop people who have a difference of opinion from them.

The subversion of the education system back in the 1970s worked. However, the collapse of the Soviet Union and fall of the iron curtain showed how unappealing Communism was. The teachers that were already influenced still spread the Communist ideals to both peers and students. You can see its influence in the Leftist ideals these days. They see everything in shades of class struggles. They attempt to grab power by aligning themselves with what they would claim to be the most underprivileged classes (therefore claiming moral high ground). You can see it by what the usual targets of the Leftists are, and what they claim they want. It seems remarkably close to Marxism. The only reason we have not had a Marxist revolt is because people are not in a bad enough place to be desperate enough to want one. So instead, Leftists control the media and build hate towards their intended targets (political and economical).

Millennial Leftist Social Justice Warriors are infected with Communist and Marxist ideals. These people, who run the media and the movies and TV shows we watch, pepper us with their opinions on a daily basis. But the moment a Conservative stands up to speak and give his/her opinion, the Millennial Leftist SJWs, like pack animals, chirp away trying to speak over the Conservative and drown him/her out, being rudely disruptive, and acting like spoiled, self-entitled, privileged children. They will even engage in this pack-animal-mentality against their own people who show a different opinion from the rest of the hive. Why? Because they are allodoxophobic; they are afraid of other people's opinions. They are afraid that if the Conservative is allowed to speak, he/she will sound more reasonable and will expose the shallow, fallacious, illogical arguments of the Millennial Leftist SJWs. Millennial Leftist SJWs are fanatics and zealots, guilty of hate speech, hate crimes, and hate violence all because they have received misinformation and refuse to listen to logic, reason, or truth. Leftist ideology and political correctness is cancer and they have been destroying our nations (Canada, Australia, the US, and the UK) for a long time. It is time to smarten up, people, before we no longer have a nation to call home.