Wednesday, July 5, 2017

All Cultures and Religions ARE NOT Equal!

Leftist Islam apologists attempt to argue by using this tactic: "Surely there are many versions of Islam, just as there are many versions of Christianity and Judaism. You can't present it all as one thing." There are a couple fallacies in that argument. See if you can spot them. When Leftist Islam apologists use this tactic, respond to them using this logic:
When talking about the Nazis, you cannot just lump them all together in the same basket. That completely ignores all the different versions of Nazism out there; it completely ignores all the examples of good Nazis. You cannot hold Nazi ideology accountable for the actions of a few misguided zealots like Hitler and Mengele.
Yes, there are many branches of "Christianity," some biblical and some unbiblical. Several of these branches even believe they are the only "Christians" who will go to heaven. Nevertheless, with the exception of historical Roman Catholicism, these branches are not at war with each other, blowing each other up, and cutting each other's heads off because each believes the others to be hypocrites and apostates. There are even various misinterpretations of the Scriptures, yet the majority of these branches are peaceful. The only "war" between these branches is debate over correct interpretation of Scripture and the application thereof within our lives. Those who believe in and obey the words of the Bible are not out there murdering people of other religions, apostates from Christianity, or those from other branches of "Christianity."

Contrast that with Islam. The Qur'an is not a peaceful book. Everyone who believes in it and obeys it is a terrorist. The different branches of Islam are constantly and perpetually at war with each other, murdering each other because they believe the others to be hypocrites and apostates, murdering apostates from Islam, murdering those who convert from Islam to some other religion, and murdering people from every other religion! Muslims following the teachings of Islam have been doing this for the past 1400 years!!! The majority of branches of Islam are all hate-filled and violent. In fact, I challenge anybody to find a single branch of Islam, following and obeying the Qur'an, the Hadith, and the teachings of Islam, that is not violent. It cannot be done! Every other religion on this planet can peacefully co-exist with one another, but introduce Islam along side any of them and there is always trouble. Islam does not get along well with any other religion!!!

All cultures are not equal! All religions are not equal! Anyone who can make such a statement is blind and ignorant. Quite clearly, they know nothing about other cultures or other religions because they have never studied other cultures and other religions. If someone wanted to immigrate to Canada or the United States or some other Western country, whose culture and/or religion believed in and practiced child sacrifice, would we let them in? One would hope not! Yet that is precisely what we have done with Muslims. Muslim wives or children leave Islam, converting to Christianity, and they are murdered by their husband, father, or brother in an "honour killing." This is part of their "religion"; it is part of Islam, and it has happened and is happening in both Canada and the United States and other Western countries.

There is a huge difference between treating people equally and claiming that all ideas, ideologies, philosophies, religions, cultures, etc., are equal. Contrary to post-modern stupidity running rampant these days, when two teams play a game, there is a winner and there is a loser. You do not get "participation" awards. You should not get a pass for an obvious fail. There is right and there is wrong. There is nothing wrong with being corrected. Leftist Millennials have been brought up under so much of this blatant stupidity that they actually believe it. They need a wake-up call now because they are definitely in for a rude awakening otherwise. Reality will set in at some point and then their bankrupt worldview will collapse in on them. You do nobody any favours by lying to them. "You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free" (John 8:32).