Why Have Some Entries Been Deleted?

Recently, I deleted several blog entries that did not fit with the overall purpose and scope of this blog. While there was indeed much truth, logic, and reason contained within those entries, they were not entirely in line with what it means to be a Berean or the initiative to "Study . . . rightly dividing the Word of truth." Sometimes I just want to respond to various ignorances I encounter, and while my responses are laced with truth, logic, and reason, nevertheless not all those responses fit the purpose and scope of this blog. Some of those responses are merely personal responses, rather than being apologetic studies that reveal the truth and expose the lies. Ergo, it was necessary for me to trim the fat.

Some people who visit this blog, not finding one of those previous entries, will no doubt attempt to make up some straw man excuse as to why it no longer appears on my blog, but their excuses are ill-founded and without reason. For one, I do not know what others are saying about any of my entries here, or how they might be attempting to respond to them in their own futility, and, really, I could care less. If I knew about any attempted responses or rebuttals, I would have refuted them and exposed that individual as the obvious fool that he/she is. If you are then wondering why I am writing this paragraph, it is because I know how people think; and you do not think any differently than anyone else.

Some of those previous blog entries found their way onto my other blog, providing they fit with its overall purpose. Other entries, like the "B.C./A.D. versus B.C.E./C.E.," simply got deleted entirely. Most of the deleted blog entries were found under the headings "Miscellaneous" and "Thought Provoking." There are still some other blog entries that I want to go through, and will likely end up deleting as well. Some of the deleted entries may make a comeback as I re-work them to ensure they fit the overall purpose and scope of this blog. For example: The entry dealing with "The Bachelor" and how AshLee Frazier, Lindsay Yenter and Catherine Giudici were speaking ill of Sean Lowe's virginity, will likely be re-worked to address the issue of virginity and how our current society considers it something to be looked down upon and ridiculed, rather than something to be held in high regard. So just because something is currently missing does not mean it will not make a comeback in a more robust form.