Saturday, March 18, 2017

I Was Born This Way

In one sense, no, practitioners of homosexuality were not born that way. In another sense, yes, practitioners of homosexuality were born that way. It depends on how you are looking at it. The behaviour—the practice of homosexuality—is entirely the product of your choice, and so, no, you were not born that way. The inclination or desire is a product of original sin and denotes a depraved inherited nature (Romans 1), and so, yes, you were born that way. All inclinations toward sin are the product of original sin and are inherited. But that cannot be used as an excuse for why you do the things that you do.

Your behaviour, or the behaviour of any sinner committing any sin, may be natural in your unconverted nature, but it is not natural in the way that God created us and the manner in which He intended all human beings to behave. That is why you need a new nature, which is only found by being born again by the Holy Spirit. Sin is ingrained into our flesh. There is no such thing as "free will" because our will is slave to sin and the devil (Romans 6). All we can do is make decisions, but our will is tainted by sin. When pedophiles start using the same argumentation that homosexuals have used—that they are born that way, in one sense it is true while in another sense it is false.

Just as lying rules the liar and thieving rules the thief, so too does homosexuality rule the homosexual. What makes a person homosexual? The committing of the act of homosexuality. You only need to tell one lie in order to be a liar. You only need to steal one object in order to be a thief. You only need to rape one person in order to be a rapist. You only need to kill one person in order to be a murder. Likewise, you only need to commit one act of homosexuality to be a homosexual. Homosexuality is not a sin you should glorify and revel in. Would you glorify and revel in being an adulterer and committing adultery? Sin is sin. One sin is not greater than another sin. All sin is equal. All sin leads to eternal punishment in Hell.

The fact still remains that the greatest truth regarding homosexuality is that these people suffer from strong and/or frequent thoughts and/or temptations toward homosexuality. Rather than fight against them, they have chosen to give in to them and embrace them. They believe that because they experience these strong and/or frequent thoughts and/or temptations toward homosexuality, that it must mean they were born this way and that that is who they are. So the person who struggles with strong and/or frequent thoughts and/or temptations of infidelity, faithlessness, and adultery was born as such and they should just embrace it and celebrate it? Maybe they should start having Adultery Pride Parades.

If we give occasion to one sin, providing acceptance and open practice thereof, we might as well give occasion to all sins. Truth be told, our inclination toward our favourite sin is inherited from original sin, which means that we were all born sinners. However, our behaviour in the committal of that sin is derived directly from our choice. That is why we stand condemned two-fold before a thrice holy God. We stand condemned in original sin, which we have inherited, by which we can say we were born with it. But we also stand condemned in our decision to commit those sins, which we were not born with but freely committed of our own volition. We are guilty of inherited sin (being born that way) and we are guilty of personal sin (choosing to commit it). Your will is slave to sin, but you can be set free from sin through Christ Jesus. He came to save His people from their sin. You can be a "such were some of you" (1 Cor. 6:11) person by repenting of your sin, no longer committing it, and trusting your salvation and your life in the hands of Christ Jesus.

As long as you embrace your favourite sin and habitually practice it, you stand no chance of inheriting eternal life. You will spend an eternity in Hell separated from God and His goodness. Do not be deceived. Today is the day of salvation. Do not neglect it.