Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What Does It Mean To...

...Love Unconditionally?
To love unconditionally does not mean that if and when my wife sins I merely overlook it without saying anything to her. No, if I love her unconditionally, I will speak to her of her sin so that she might repent toward God and forsake her sin. Unconditional love seeks her best at all times. To love unconditionally means that if and when she sins, after having repented and forsook her sin, I am to forgive her and not hold her sin over her head or lord her sin over her as if I am perfect and never sin, which would be a lie. “The way in which you measure others will be measured unto you.” Even in her sin, I do not stop loving her.

To love unconditionally means that no matter what circumstances might arise or what tragedies might befall my wife, I do not give up on her and/or stop loving her. If she gets cancer and her hair falls out, I remain by her side, reminding her that she is still beautiful, pouring my love upon her because she will be in need of it, knowing that my love has not wavered for her and that I do not look at her any differently or any less. If she is in an accident that leaves her paralyzed, I remain by her side, showing her that she is still precious and worthy to me and that my love has not wavered, nor do I look at her any differently or any less. I continue bestowing my love upon her, letting her know that she is not a burden in any way to me and showing her that she is no less in my eyes and heart than she had been before.

Unconditional love does not give up on the other person, nor does it walk out when times get tough or trials arise and weigh down upon us. True love loves at all times in all situations without waning even an ounce. “Agapao,” the highest form of love, is a principle, a fact that relates to the will, a decision. “Phileo” is associated with fondness, emotions. Unconditional love is based upon “agapao,” whereas fleeting love, if it can be called love at all, is based upon “phileo.”

...Love Sacrificially?
Christ was the perfect example of sacrifice. If need be, the husband is to give himself up for his wife; he is to lay his life down for his wife, to protect her at all costs. Even die for her. But this is ultimate sacrifice. In every day life with his wife, he is to sacrifice for her, put her best interest before his own. He is to kill his selfishness and sacrifice his time for his wife. He is to show her honour.