Saturday, March 30, 2013

Typical Debate Tactics of the Unsaved

Debating non-Christians and nominal "Christians" is hilariously funny and sadly pathetic all at the same time. It is always the same. Nothing ever changes. They use the same thoroughly beaten and dead arguments over and over again without ever learning a thing. You can convince them beyond the shadow of a doubt with logical, evidential, and factual information to where they ditch their false arguments and the lies they have been fed for years, but not long after they miraculously forget the logical, evidential, and factual information revealed to them and start spewing their previously beaten false arguments as if nothing had been shown them.

When all their assertions are vetted and found failing, they either ignore counter arguments as if they do not exist; respond in a non seqitur manner; select irrelevant portions or minor points not as germane as the core of the rebuttal, and interact only with those to avoid having to confront the evidence; introduce ad hominems; or disappear from the vetting process to the comforting arms of companions who share their theological miscalculations.

Those who claim they believe the Bible yet espouse various forms of wickedness and refuse to repent thereof truly do not believe the Bible. When specific verses or passages are shared with them, they claim they are misinterpreted (and have been for the past 2000 years). Since they do not have anything in the Bible to support their position, they are constantly and consistently looking for affirmation and approval from the world and what is happening in the world. They use these things in a manner to trump the Bible in an attempt to justify their wickedness. Because the world is doing it or approves of doing it, therefore it must be right and the Bible's representation of it must be wrong.

Any individual who claims to be a Christian and yet tells you we are not supposed to take the Bible literally is not a Christian at all. They do not believe what the Bible has to say, but would interpret the entire thing based on their feelings and opinions at the time. Anyone who claims to be a Christian and tells you to quit quoting the Bible as a source, while trying to quote worldly sources themselves, is not a Christian. Just because these people claim to be "Christians" does not make them genuine Christians. The Bible gave us warnings about this.

Pay close attention in your debates with the non-Christian and nominal "Christian." Memorize the information in paragraph two above and watch how it is true of every single debate/argument they will have with you. It is usually a combination of several of those actions. If you are having a conversation with them about pseudo-science versus real science, they will accuse you of trying to force your "religion" down their throats, even though you have not mentioned a single thing about "religion." They are very crafty in their deceptions and tricks, just like their father, the devil. They will try to end the debate/argument any way they can, trying to make you out to be the bad guy while attempting to claim victory of the debate/argument at the same time.

Their tactics are always the same. Do not let them think they have won. Be wise and vigil. When they attempt a false line of reasoning, respond back to it with the truth. Here is an example from Trevin Wax of how you might respond to their many sneak-attack falsehoods they preach as if it were the truth (and this goes for any subject of debate, not just homosexuality):
"[You say that] because you believe sexual desire reflects the core of one's identity. It would help if you and others who agree with you would understand that in your putting pressure on me to accept homosexual behaviour as normal and virtuous, you are going to the very core of my identity as a follower of Jesus. The label most important to me is "Christian." My identity—in Christ—is central to who I am. So I could say the same thing and call you intolerant, bigoted, and hateful for trying to change a conviction that goes to the core of who I am as a Christian. I don't say that because I don't believe that's your intention. But neither should you think it's my intention to attack a homosexual person or cause them harm merely because I disagree."
The truth will always win out. Keep speaking the truth to the unsaved—in love—and be watchful for their devious tactics, such as labeling your disagreement with them as "hate crimes" or the like. Mindless illogical nonsense is clung to and spewed by most of the population in deliberate ignorance. Laws have been passed based on this mindless illogical nonsense. Seems most people lack the ability to think and reason any more these days. Watch for such nonsense and answer it accordingly with truth. Witness for yourself their use of everything in paragraph two.