Saturday, November 16, 2013

Argumentum ad Ignorantiam

The first dinosaur bone ever discovered was in 1676 (some sources say 1685), part of a knee joint. The first nearly-complete skeletal fossil discovery occurred in 1858. This is apparently mankind's first introduction to dinosaurs, or so we are told. However, the teachings that dinosaurs lived "millions" of years ago and are now extinct and that they have never lived with mankind are nothing more than opinionated arguments from ignorance. They are lies that deliberately ignore the evidence around us. Deliberate ignorance is never excusable. Let us look at the facts in descending order, going from the youngest to the oldest evidence that challenges these claims.
  1. Pteranodons (the smaller species) were pests in England and to the North and Central American Indians and others.
    'dinosaurs', in the form of flying reptiles, were a feature of Welsh life until surprisingly recent times. As late as the beginning of the present century, elderly folk at Penllyn in Glamorgan used to tell of a colony of winged serpents that lived in the woods around Penllyn Castle. As Marie Trevelyan tells us: 'The woods around Penllyn Castle, Glamorgan, had the reputation of being frequented by winged serpents, and these were the terror of old and young alike. An aged inhabitant of Penllyn, who died a few years ago, said that in his boyhood the winged serpents were described as very beautiful... He said it was "no old story invented to frighten children", but a real fact. His father and uncle had killed some of them, for they were as bad as foxes for poultry. The old man attributed the extinction of the winged serpents to the fact that they were "terrors in the farmyards and culverts".'
    "After the Flood", Bill Cooper
    The turn of the 20th century, people were hunting down dinosaurs. Sounds an awful lot like the history we have of dragon-slaying. Could it be that man was afraid of these beasts and so through fear went out to fight and slay them, thereby contributing to their extinction?

  2. A cathedral in the UK with a tomb of a bishop buried in the 15th century has a number of animals carved on it, including sauropod dinosaurs. How did they know what a sauropod dinosaur looked like 600 years ago if dinosaurs have supposedly been extinct for some 65 million years?
  3. A stone temple in Cambodia from 1186 A.D has an unmistakeable carving of a Stegosaurus on it. How did they know what a Stegosaurus looked like 800 years ago if dinosaurs have supposedly been extinct for some 65 million years?

  4. The Nasca Indians lived in the river valley of Peru's south coast from roughly 200 B.C. to 600 A.D. They are most likely best known for the famous Nasca Plain, an area measuring 37 miles long and 1 mile wide. Here, strange geometric patterns of immense size have been cut into the plain. (See Photos Here) Extremely telling, however, is that much of Nasca Tomb art seems to be depicting dinosaurs. Whether tapestry or pottery, art can be found depicting dinosaurs such as Allosaurus, Diplodocus, Pterosaurs, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and even Tyrannosaurus. Check out the images below:

    What is even more fascinating is that Sauropod frills, such as seen on the Diplodocus in the above image (middle), were not found until 1992. Yet, they were being drawn correctly 2,000 years earlier by the Nasca Indians! This argues strongly that those who made these pieces of art were eye-witnesses to the dinosaurs, contrary to what pseudo-scientists tell us.
  5. Every now and then, a colossal discovery occurs that creates vast problems for the evolutionists. This is precisely the case with a bunch of figurines that were discovered in Acambaro, Mexico in 1945. These figurines have been dated back to circa 2500 B.C. There were some 33,000 sculptures unearthed, hundreds of which appear to be dinosaurs.

    Evidence of the authenticity of this find is the near-perfect Iguanodon dinosaur figurine. Look at the two figurines below. The first is Iguanodon, the second Ankylosaurus. In the 1800's, the early concept of Iguanodon's appearance was poorly rendered, almost comical, like some sort of Godzilla-like horse-lizard. By the turn of the century it had improved considerably but fell far short of what we now know. If you look at modern renderings, you will notice how much they reflect the accuracy found in the Acambaro figurine, knowledge that we have only gained in recent years (remember the movie Dinosaur from Disney? Yes, that dinosaur.). No hoaxer could have made this model in the 1940s.

    What is the best explanation for hundreds of life-like depictions of these dinosaurs (supposedly long extinct and not discovered unto the 1800's)? These people, who lived 2500 years ago, saw them! Obviously these people knew how an Iguanodon looked in real life. This argues that those who made these figurines were eye-witnesses to the actual creature!
We have hundreds of historians and other people throughout history who have described seeing, what they called, "dragons," descriptions of which that are exact matches to creatures we call "dinosaurs" today. We believe these men on every other account of their records and findings, but pass these off as "mistaken identification" all because of the scatomas we have inherited through poor and ignorant education. It takes years to break through scatomas in order for people to finally see the truth of things. Consider the following; these animals used to be considered myths at one point in time, until the truth was discovered (while some were thought to be extinct and have since been found to still exist):
  1. Mountain Gorilla
  2. Okapi
  3. Giant Panda
  4. Giraffe
  5. Takin
  6. Python
  7. Giant Squid and/or Colossal Squid
  8. Komodo Dragon
  9. Beaked Whale
  10. Tiger
  11. Hoan Kiem Turtle
  12. Ulama, or "Devil Bird"
  13. Dingiso, or "Bondegezou"
  14. Kangaroo
  15. Platapus
  16. Oarfish, or Ribbonfish
  17. Coelecanth (thought to be extinct)
  18. Giant Earthworms (thought to be extinct)
  19. Takahe (thought to be extinct)
  20. Bermuda Petrel (thought to be extinct)
  21. Unicorn, or Single-horned Rhinoceros (see my article here)
This is not an exhaustive list of animals once believed to be myth or once thought to be extinct. As the evidence is slowly presented to the people, their scatomas of false information will be lifted and they will realize that dinosaurs have lived with man since the very beginning, when God first created the heavens and the earth, and that they never lived "millions" of years ago nor have they been extinct for "millions" of years. If man never saw dinosaurs up close and personal, there would not be all this evidence that shows information we (largely the ignorant Western world descended from the Europeans) have only learned in recent years. Clearly our world-view is in error and our information is falsified. The rest of the world knows these animals to have existed side-by-side with mankind, and the evidence backs this up. It is time we started updating our text books with the truth and admitting we were in error and we made a mistake. Holding to false information because you are afraid to admit you have believed wrongly for so long is inexcusable. Life is a never-ending learning process. If you cannot admit you had some things figured in error, then you will never truly grow as a person. We grow when we can admit our errors and correct them.

As an aside, science and medicine used to believe and teach things that have since been proven to be false. Science has taught incorrectly with regard to tree rings, ice rings, stalactites, petrification, etc. Many of these are still taught falsely in our schools and textbooks today. Science teaches false information with regard to dating methods, employing circular reasoning. How can you tell how old dinosaur bones are? By the layer of dirt they are found in. How can you tell how old the layer of dirt is? By the dinosaur bones found in it. In other words, there is no way to tell how old it is so they merely make up an age. Fact is, if you take a handful of dirt, chuck it in some water and shake it up, it will eventually settle into layers. Heavier stuff on the bottom, lighter stuff on the top. Did that experiment take "millions" of years to do? Nope. Neither did what we see. It took a single world-wide flood, the evidence of which we can see around us. Our surface is something like 80% water. Imagine what would happen if the polar caps melted. Would it cover Mount Everest? Probably not. But then Mount Everest is said to be fairly recent in geological activity. This is not including the water contained in pockets under the earth. Nevertheless, there was a world-wide flood and all the evidence around us backs it up. Fact is, the earth could easily be flooded again. If you pushed down all the earth to make it flat and fill the valleys in the oceans, the earth would be flooded to such a degree that it would not be funny. Again, the evidence is all around us. People need to start believing it.

When someone tries telling you that the world or universe is billions of years old, take the scientific information that can be and has been measured and apply mathematics to their theories. They will fall apart every time.We can measure the amount of gas the sun burns every year; we can measure the rate at which the Earth is slowing down every year; we can measure the distance the moon is moving away from the Earth every year. Take those figures and multiply them by their theories. Then apply the laws of our universe to them. All of a sudden you run into colossal problems. For example, we know that the moon is moving away from the Earth. Take that figure and multiply it by 1 million instead of "billions." How close was the moon to the Earth at one point based on this information, if the universe is as old as they claim? Now apply the Inverse Square Law to the reality. If you half the distance, you quadruple the effect. If you move the moon inward by half its distance, bearing in mind the moon's effects on the tides, that means the Earth would have been flooded twice a day. The problem with pseudo-science is imagining theories and then running with them without applying mathematics and the laws that govern our universe to them. If more of these so-called scientists would do this, we would see less nonsense being published as "fact" and see more genuine science. So the next time someone tries telling you dinosaurs never lived with man and have been extinct for "millions" of years, challenge them with the above information. You can find vastly more online if you search for it. With all this evidence, why do Westerners in specific believe these lies? Food for thought.