Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Who's the Biggest Failure In the Bible?

According to some preachers and teachers, God is the greatest failure in the Bible. If you hold to certain doctrines, like that of Arminianism, it is not difficult to see how one could come to that conclusion. After all, a God who apparently sets out to save all mankind, being long-suffering toward all men and not willing that any should perish (a misquotation of 2 Peter 3:9), and only succeeds in saving some most definitely is a failure. To these preachers and teachers, Judas, Adam, and Satan may have been failures, but they are not as big of failures as God. It just blows my mind how people can say that God is sovereign and then turn around and claim foolish nonsense like this. It does not even dawn on them the contradictions in what they claim to believe and the things that are coming out of their mouths.

Scripture says that God accomplishes whatever He wills and that His purposes will always come to pass (Eph. 1:11; Pss. 115:3; 135: 6; Job 42:2; et al). According to John 6:37, all of those that the Father gave to Christ Jesus as an inheritance from before the foundations of the world will come to Him in saving faith. So God has not failed in the least; not in creation and certainly not in salvation. From our viewpoint and understanding it may appear as though He has failed, but from His viewpoint and understanding, which are higher than our own, He succeeds every time. We need to quit trying to judge God based on our line of sight and our faulty reasoning. It never ceases to amaze me the number of Christians who limit God by trying to associate Him with human beings. God is not a man. He is not like us. Quit trying to box Him up with human understanding. That is like a hand-drawn 2D object trying to figure out the complexities of its 3D creator. God is not limited by our capacities.

When your belief system is filled with failures to interpret and understand Scripture correctly, of course God will inevitably be the biggest failure in Scripture. It is the Arminianist way. However, when you interpret and understand Scripture correctly, God is always the unfailing victor. His apparent failure is based on your failure to grasp what the Bible teaches. To read the entire Bible and arrive at the conclusion that God was a constant failure demonstrates your lack of ability to see the big picture or to understand anything you read. Any preacher or teacher who voices clearly that God is a failure needs to be avoided at all costs. Any preacher or teacher who does not believe God is a failure but teaches doctrines that clearly express such failure should be avoided as well. How you think and believe will be determined by the kind of people you surround yourself with and immerse yourself in. Be wise, not foolish.