Saturday, July 2, 2016

The Deliberate Ignorance of Evolutionists

How Evolutionists can believe—by faith—that everything on this planet and in our universe just happened by random chance is beyond me. Evolutionists are clearly greater men and women of faith than I am, because there is not one shred of evidence or true, honest, hypothesize-test-observe-repeat science to substantiate or support it. Evolution is a science-fiction fairy tale for the willfully ignorant (dumb on purpose). The truth is, every single person on this planet knows intrinsically that the theory of evolution is a lie. They know it in their heart of hearts, yet they deliberately choose to ignore the red flags their conscience erects.

For example: Despite being taught that the layers of dirt are "millions" of years old and took "millions" of years to form, they ignore the fact that nowhere on this planet will you find those layers in the exact same order. If the world formed as they claim it did, then the order of these layers should be universally the same. Apart from that, you think they would clue in to the fact we find trees (living or dead) erect through several of these layers. Do they honestly believe these trees (living or dead) stood idly by for "millions" of years while the layers of dirt slowly built up around them? Dead trees would have rotted long before a million years of dirt could surround it. Life would have happened to living trees, so a million years of dirt would never surround it, especially not still alive. Evolution is believed by faithnot by science because there is not one single instance of science to support it.

Are you aware of the number of complexities that exist within every plant, animal, insect, mineral, etc., etc., etc.? Are you aware of just how many random chance events it would take to create each and every complexity? Let alone the union of them all being in harmony together with itself as well as the environment around them? The digestive system, the digestive juices, the lining of the stomach to protect against the digestive juices, hunger, etc., etc., etc. They must all develop together or else it results in death. So much for "survival of the fittest" since there would exist none.

All the various minerals and alloys just happened to develop randomly, with their complex and unique attributes? Give me a break! Pure random chance somehow magically knew that we would need oxygen to breathe and therefore evolved the necessary components for it? Are Evolutionists seriously dumb enough to actually believe this?!? There are a thousand—tens of thousands—examples I could share regarding the complexities of life and our surroundings that no amount of random chances could ever account for. Something or someone has to be eternal. For the Evolutionists, it is dirt; for the Christians, it is God. All the facts are stacked against Evolutionists and yet they choose to be deliberately ignorant, believing a fairy tale of epic science-fiction proportions.