Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Sign of the Times

How is it that when an individual embraces his/her sin of homosexuality and decides to "come out," ignorant people cheer him/her on saying that he/she has done a "courageous" thing or that he/she was very "brave"? Since when is it courageous or brave to embrace your sinful desires and be proud of your life of sin? If an individual embraces his/her sin of adultery, is he/she being courageous and brave by "coming out" about it? If an individual embraces their sin of being a rapist, are they being courageous and brave by "coming out" about it? If an individual embraces their sin of being a murderer, are they being courageous and brave by "coming out" about it? If an individual embraces their sin of pedophilia, are they being courageous and brave by "coming out" about it? If an individual embraces their sin of lying and/or stealing, are they being courageous and brave by "coming out" about it? Why does society cheer on the sinfulness of homosexuals while at the same time condemning other sins that are equally or less offensive compared to homosexuality?

Sin is sin, people. In the eyes of God, all sins are equal and will receive the same just punishment. There is nothing courageous or brave about embracing your particular sin and parading it about in sinful pride! Do you see any other sins being exalted to the degree of homosexuality? Has there ever been an Adultery Pride Parade? How about a Pedophile Pride Parade? What about a Murderer Pride Parade? Why do you suppose that is?

What is even worse is those ignorant people who refer to those who turn to the Bible for answers as "bigots." But only in relation to the homosexual issue. If any other sin is mentioned and a person turns to the Bible to answer against that sin, they do not call them "bigots" then. Only when the issue is homosexuality. Why? Because these people know that God and the Bible condemn homosexuality and that those who embrace it, support it, or promote it are without excuse.

Some people struggle with thoughts and temptations of homosexuality the way others struggle with thoughts and temptations of pornography (or any other sin). No matter how strong or how frequent those thoughts and temptations come upon you, they are not indicators of who you really are!!! See Temptations: The Truth Behind Homosexuality. If you were "fighting against" or "trying to suppress" these thoughts and temptations in your own strength, because of how you were raised and what you were taught, then of course they would never go away and you would never be free of them. You are trying to get rid of temptations by legalistic means. The only answer, the only cure, to your constant thoughts and temptations of any particular sin is Christ Jesus. You need to constantly pray and ask Him to rid you of it, and you need to trust in only Him. Do not think on your temptation or give way to it. Flood your mind constantly with Jesus and the Gospel.

No temptation has overtaken us that God has not provided a way out from. When you give in and yield to your thoughts and temptations, and especially when you embrace them, you reveal what is truly in your heart as well as revealing that you have never been saved in the first place. You have no understanding of what it means to be saved. Try and evade it all you want, but the Bible is clear on its position regarding the sin of homosexuality. Every single individual on this planet knows the truth intrinsically. Simple common sense informs you of the truth, as does basic biology. If you have a light bulb, it was clearly made to go in a light socket. If you have a plug, it was clearly made to go in an outlet. If you have a bolt, it was clearly made to go in a nut. Likewise, the penis was clearly made to go inside the vagina and the vagina was clearly made to receive the penis. Jesus brought his listeners back to the way God intended marriage and sexuality to be when He referred to Adam and Eve and man leaving his parents and being united to his wife.

Homosexuals like to try and argue that the issue is not about sexual organs. However, this is false. Sexual organs are a part of the issue, whether homosexuals like it or not. By attempting to remove sexual organs from the equation, they try and say the issue is solely about "love." There is more to the issue than homosexuals want others to know. That is why they attempt to use fallacious arguments and emotional manipulation in order to get others to side with them and support them. But homosexuals are starting to overplay their hands and the truth is starting to come out. Slowly.

Sex, desire, and lust are not one's identity. You do not see other people trying to find their identity in their being a profound adulterer, do you? Take the arguments homosexuals use in relation to their disorientation and their "identity" and apply those arguments to adultery or any other sin. Do you see how ridiculous those arguments are? The reason so many people fall for those arguments, even though they are lame and hold no water, is because the homosexuals continue to play the Damsel In Distress card so that others will want to be their White Knight and rescue them. In reality, homosexuals are terrifying beasts disguising themselves as damsels in distress in order to lure in the ignorant and gullible who refuse to listen to common sense, logic, or rational.

When homosexuals claim, "I never wanted to be gay," it is an utter lie. Do you see murderers or rapists or adulterers or pedophiles saying, "I never wanted to be a murderer"; "I never wanted to be a rapist"; "I never wanted to be an adulterer"; "I never wanted to be a pedophile." If you never wanted it, you would not be doing it. It is just as stupid to listen to if someone in politics were to say, "I never wanted to be President of the United States." If you never wanted it, then how and why are you where you are? Because at some point you chose it; you wanted it; you gave in to it.

So-called "Christians" who ignorantly support other so-called "Christians" who "come out" as gay have revealed that not only are they also false converts, but that they know nothing about God, Christ Jesus, or the Bible. Romans 1:32 condemns both the doer and the supporter of the doer. Paul informs believers to take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but to expose them instead. These so-called "Christians" choose to support the unfruitful works of darkness because their hearts are dark and sin-filled. When professors of Christ embrace or support those who embrace their sins as if there is nothing wrong with it, it is A Sign of the Times.