Monday, December 26, 2016

You Talk About God Too Much

My good friend, Jerry, from out east, has been accused of this on a number of occasions. Who has accused him of such? Professing believers. Jerry likes to fellowship with other believers and will often ask others out for a coffee. On several occasions, members of a couple different churches he has attended over the years have accused him of talking about God too much. Including deacons and elders!

If this sentiment is ever uttered by one professing Christian to another Christian, apparently the first has no love for God. If anything, we do not give God enough of our time or talk about Him enough. It is impossible to talk about God too much. If you can tire of talking about God, you might want to examine yourself to see if you are truly in the faith. There is no more noble a subject than to speak of God from the rising of the sun to the setting of the sun.

Professing Christians who can tire of reading good Christian material, listening to good sermons (apart from on Sunday), and fellowshipping over Jesus, ought to examine themselves to see if they are truly in the faith. You realize that for all eternity we will be sitting at the feet of God, learning from Him? If you can tire of Him as a subject now, imagine eternity. If you do not love Him now, you will not miraculously love Him later. Jesus is just a crutch to you, a "Get out of jail free" card, a means of fire insurance. You want to be in heaven, but you just do not want God to be there. You have an obvious lack of love for the Saviour of our souls. This should concern you greatly.

If you, as a professing Christian, would rather talk about anything else under the sun other than God, you can be sure that you are not a Christian. There is nothing wrong with talking about other subjects, but when you ache inside to talk about anything besides God, and it bothers you when someone else talks about God so much, then you are not a Christian. You obviously have yet to recognize how desperately wicked a sinner you truly are, and to be hit with the reality of precisely what Jesus accomplished on the cross on your behalf, and to repent of your sins, trust in the Saviour, and live a holy life. When you understand exactly how wicked and depraved you truly are, and just what Jesus did for you on the cross, it fills you with immense gratitude and thankfulness. How could you be satisfied with talking about God less after all that He has done for you? Guaranteed that if someone gave their life for you by taking a bullet for you, whether in war or a robbery or whatever, you would talk more about that person than you care to about God. Think about that.