Thursday, March 2, 2017

True Tolerance

What has happened to the world we live in? We used to talk about things as a society. We would debate and we would argue and we would disagree and we would still respect each other. That is what true tolerance is. Somewhere along the line, however, doing so became "rude." We used to be able to tell people when they were wrong and to correct people, even if they did not accept our correction. But then it became "rude" to tell someone they were wrong, and/or to correct them. Since when has correction been a harmful thing? When did we as a society lose our moral fibre and become thin-skinned wussified babies who find offence in the least offensive things? Our countries are the way they are today because of nonsense like this, headed up by stupid people voicing their ignorant unlearned opinions about stuff they know absolutely nothing about.

Foolishness is now applauded, while having brains and a level head is looked down upon. Bad is called good and quickly defended, while good is called bad and shunned. Try telling society today that you are a virgin and watch the disgusted looks they give you. Try telling society how you have never drank or gotten drunk, smoked, or done any drugs, and watch the looks they give you. Show society that you have a mind of your own and think for yourself rather than being a blind follower and watch how they ridicule you. Society's moral compass has gotten flipped upside down and turned around backwards. The fact is, there is no moral compass, there is no morality, apart from the Word of God.

Society continues to reject God and spit in His face, yet it never has the intelligence to observe the past and compare it to the present and ask the question "Why?", making objective conclusions of the evidence and facts. With the continued rejection of God and His Word, society continues to slip down the mud slide and subject itself to worse and worse wickedness. Society responds with "Different strokes for different folks, let's not judge." Yet they continue to judge rapists and murders and such because, at least for now, they are not among the accepted forms of wickedness that rot our society from the inside, such as homosexuality and transgenderism. How long before we are exactly like Greece and Rome at the end of their empires? How long before our time is up and God's patience runs out and the final judgment arrives? 

I love and respect those lost and unbelieving individuals whom I encounter that I can still talk with like in the days of old when we could debate and argue and disagree with each other and yet still respect each other. Most people today cannot do such. They turn on you immediately and direct their hatred of God against you. True tolerance means I have the right to tell someone when they are wrong, but to let them go on believing whatever they want to believe in the face of the overwhelming evidence stacked against them. It is not my place to change their mind. It is only my place to give them honest and truthful answers, whether they like or agree with those answer or not. It is God's place to change people's hearts and minds. I have no such power to do so, no matter how much I might know or how well I might speak.

Society no longer wishes us to be able to discourse together. The exchange of ideas is now considered a bad thing. Universities have created "safe spaces" for such people. It is a heinous act to have friendly debates, arguments, and disagreements, and yet to still respect one another and still be willing to be friends despite our differences. It is even sadder when this attitude is held by so-called professing Christians. I will readily tell my non-believing co-workers, acquaintances, and friends that they are wrong, but will accept them for who they are and respect them despite the things they choose to believe. One co-worker of mine is the complete opposite of me in every way imaginable, yet we get along great. We discuss religion, we disagree, we respect each other's position, regardless of how wrong each of us believes the other to be.

It angers me to see society's lack of grip on reality, willingly and willfully telling themselves lies and trying to convince themselves of such lies despite their conscience informing them otherwise. They will argue that abortion is fine and that homosexuality is fine, and they will even argue that religion is fine, as long as that religion is not Christianity: the only religion that is not based on scales; the only religion that offers salvation as a free gift; the only religion with any true power in it to change lives. With the rampant wickedness that I see around us, all I can say is, "Come, Lord Jesus, come."