Thursday, June 15, 2017

Atheistic Evolutionary Inconsistency

Atheists and Evolutionists are inconsistent with their beliefs. In the video where Bill Nye visits Ken Ham at the Ark Encounter, Ken Ham repeatedly asks Bill Nye questions akin to "why does it matter" and "what is the purpose," to which Bill Nye ignores and dodges without answering honestly or intelligently. For example; Ken Ham challenges Bill Nye to give a single example of observed matter creating DNA. Bill Nye's ignorant response was, "Here we are." He clearly does not understand what an "observational example" is. No scientist has ever witnessed with their own eyes matter creating DNA.

Atheists and Evolutionists claim that there is no God. Atheists and Evolutionists claim, contrary to scientific evidence, that everything began with the big bang and that over time we evolved into what we are today. Atheists and Evolutionists do not believe in a Heaven or a Hell. Atheists and Evolutionists believe that once we die we no longer exist.

If there is no God, then why are we here? If there is no Heaven or Hell, then what is the purpose of our existence? If you create a timeline of human history and put your lifespan on that timeline, your existence is but a puff of smoke. A blip on the screen. According to atheistic and evolutionary ideology, life is meaningless. In order to be consistent with their beliefs, life has to be meaningless.

If life is meaningless, why pursue any knowledge at all since in the end it will not make a lick of difference to you, me, or the life of anyone else down the line? What does it matter if science was wrong thousands of years ago when is claimed there were only 1100 hundred stars? What does it matter if modern science has learned that the stars are innumerable? How does that information, correct or incorrect, affect anyone's life or change their life? Even if you could know everything there is to know about the universe and know all truth, what would it matter? How does that have any affect upon anyone? All that information is useless and meaningless.

Bill Nye failed to grasp the questions and statements that Ken Ham was presenting him with. If life is meaningless and there is no purpose to life, what you and I learn today is ultimately pointless to ourselves and to future generations. It does not help anyone. It is pointless because apparently our existence is meaningless. We are born, we live, we die. There is no purpose to life. If Atheists and Evolutionists were the least bit consistent with their beliefs, this is precisely how they would think. But they know intrinsically that what they are trying to convince themselves and others of simply is not true.

There is absolutely no point to trying to better anyone's life while they are here since ultimately their existence is meaningless. They are born, they live, they die. Having food to eat, clothes to wear, shelter to keep warm in, and living in peace are useless, meaningless, worthless pursuits since none of it matters in the end. The betterment of your life while you are here is irrelevant if life is meaningless. Why care for and take care of your children? Why care for and take care of the elderly? Why use etiquette when dealing with others if natural selection and survival of the fittest is true? Civilized society is contradictory to the atheistic and evolutionary worldview.

If Atheism and Evolution were true, these should be the questions they ask because they are consistent with their model. But they deliberately ignore these facts out of intellectual stubbornness because they have no answers for them.

Christianity is the only religion that can answer the questions, Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going? Atheists and Evolutionists constantly borrow from the Christian worldview. The answer to "Why care for and take care of your children" and other questions can only be answered through the Christian worldview. Christianity is the only true religion because it is the only religion that makes sense of the world. Anyone who examines it closely and honestly cannot help but become a Christian because it is logical, accurate, and true.

If the atheistic and evolutionary worldview were true, then you would selfishly look out for only yourself and to hell with everybody else. If the atheistic and evolutionary worldview were true, then you would never have any children because it would only mean more mouths to feed and it would decrease your chance of survival. Try meditating on the concepts of "natural selection" and "survival of the fittest" and applying them logically. Atheists and Evolutionists using the theory of evolution cannot explain where logic, reason, thought, self-awareness, civility, etiquette, etc., etc., etc., come from. The fact is, these things are borrowed from the Christian worldview. They steal from Christians when it suits them most, yet they fail to be able to explain such things from their worldview and vantage point because they simply do not fit. The atheistic and evolutionary worldview is bankrupt.