Monday, July 3, 2017

Still Think It's Not A Human?

'Nuff said!


Abortion is not a Constitutional right! Even if it were, why should it be subsidized when no other Constitutional right is? Why does this "right" get to be in a category all by itself?

Man is responsible for the life of a child. Without a man's sperm, there is no life! Woman does not have the right to terminate the child inside her womb. The only right she had was to keep her legs closed or use protection. It may be her body, but the body and life of the child inside her are not hers. Her "rights" do not override and cancel out the rights of child. The child is a human being and he/she has the right to live! Since the child never gave his/her consent to be terminated, every woman who obtains an abortion ought to be tried for murder. If rape is involved, the man should be castrated and put in prison without the possibility for parole. You do not take a wrong committed out on an innocent child!