Friday, January 25, 2013

A Boy Is the Only Thing God Can Use To Make a Man

It is my desire to present myself before God as a boy with child-like faith so that He can make me into the man He wants me to be, the husband my wife will need, and the father my children will need.

What is the significance of a boy?

As a boy, he wants to learn from his father and to become like his father. He trusts his father and looks to him for all fulfillment in life—protection, nourishment, love, strength, provision, etc. If something is too great for him to do, he knows his father is able to do it. A boy is willing to learn; not set in his ways. A boy likes to enjoy life, even amidst all the chaos. A boy is able to be humble and content. A boy believes.

These are the things that God desires in and of us. He desires implicit trust, a child-like faith that is utterly reliant in and upon Himself. God provides all our fulfillment in life. If something is too great for us, it is never too great for God. Those things which are not too great for us, God still desires us to look to Him and rely on Him. God wants us to learn from Him; He has much to teach us if we will listen. While God does not promise us an easy or comfortable life, He still desires that we enjoy life, especially with the ones we love. God wants us to be humble, and content with the things we have and where we are at in life; God has us here for a reason. God wants us to believe, just as Abraham believed and it was counted to him for righteousness.