Monday, January 28, 2013

The Christian's Motto

"Because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold." Matthew 24:12

In a song by the Sidewalk Prophets, they pose these questions: "When did love become unmoving? When did love become unconsuming?" Who would have known that Tina Turner could have summed it up so perfectly? Today's Christians live by this motto, not only amongst the world but especially amongst themselves: "What's love got to do with it?"

Ahh... Words to live by.

Not in the least! In case you have not read it yet, might I suggest my blog entry Love Is the Law of the Christian Life? DC Talk said it plain and clear: "Love is a verb." Love is a verb. It is an action verb. It must be put into action. Love must be seen in our actions. It does not matter how much love you flavour your speech with if your actions contain not a drop of love. Remember the cliché? "Actions speak louder than words." It is true.

You see, your actions dictate what it is that you truly believe. If you say that you believe that we should be helping out the poor and needy, and yet you never lift a finger to do so when you are more than positionally capable of doing, your actions reveal the truth about you—that you could give a damn about the poor and needy. Your beliefs about God are the same. You can say you believe this and that about God all you want, but if your actions do not demonstrate that that is indeed what you believe, then you are a liar because you do not truly believe what you claim you believe. The truth about you will always be revealed in and by your actions—not your words.

It is bad enough that when unbelievers find themselves wandering into most churches in North America that their experiences are less than pleasant and they are left with a bitter taste of what Christianity is supposed to be. It is even worse when our Christian brothers and sisters experience this same unpleasantness and lack of Christian love. There is no excuse for our brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering to be largely ignored by us. When they are struggling to find work and pay their bills and put food on their table, why are we so stubborn, hard-hearted, and proud to even lift a finger to offer them aid? When they are suffering with things beyond this, why do we keep our distance from them?

I have read and heard many testimonies from Christian brothers and sisters who have had just such experiences inside the church. Uncompassionate and unloving. Is that the Jesus we follow? Much of what these Christians have experienced I can personally attest to from my own experiences during my struggles. The uncaring and unloving attitude of most Christians inside most churches in North America drives an individual to be proud and self-reliant in their struggles. Why should they share the struggles they are going through when their fellow Christians silently but loudly tell them with their actions, "We do not care about your problems"?

Why is it that the Christians who have the least and are struggling to get by are the most open, most sharing, and most giving? Why is it that those who have plenty refuse to lift a finger to help their struggling brothers and sisters? Their actions scream loudly, "It is not my problem," and they assume their favourite position aloft and judge the struggling brother or sister and their plight. Less than 1% of Christians in North America, especially those who are well-off, will lift a finger to help a struggling brother or sister in Christ. You know that we are indeed in the last days because our love has indeed gone cold.

In another song by the Sidewalk Prophets, they have this to say:

Passed by you today
Why is there a war between us?
Are you not my brother?
Are you not my sister?
Something’s got to change
Stood by you today
Why is there a wall between us?
Are you not my sister?
Are you not my brother?
Well something’s got to change
I confess that I’ve been blind
Open up this heart of mine
Show me how to love
Farther than this world I know
Take me where You want me to go
Show me how to love