Thursday, February 27, 2014

Idolatrous Professors of Christ

How often have you heard individuals say things like, "I don't think of God as a Judge; I like to think of Him simply as a Father"? That, brothers and sisters, is idolatry at its finest. How? Because the individual who makes such a statement, upon encountering passages in Scripture that depict God in other ways than what they "like to think," will reject those notions of God in favour of the idol that they have set up to worship in their own mind. These individuals have set up idols of the true God in their hearts and minds. Anything short of fulfilling what they "like to think" about God "is not what God is like."

Our understanding and acceptance of Who God is must be derived from what Scripture reveals to us and tells us about God. If we do not accept the fact that "[God hates] all who do iniquity" (Ps. 5:5) and is angry with the wicked "every day" (Ps. 7:11-13), but "[loves] those who love [him]" (Prov. 8:17), we will simply erect an idol of our own making in our hearts that "loves everybody" and will punish nobody. The problem is, this idol of a god who will not let people perish without some sort of offer of salvation is inconsistent with reality and Scripture. What about the hundreds of thousands of people who have never heard of Christ who perish every day? Obviously there is more here than these individuals care to acknowledge or admit in their idolatry.

What you think of or about God is of little consequence. How you feel about Him or what your opinion is of Him is irrelevant. You do not get to mold God to your liking. To do so is to engage in idolatry, which a great many professors of Christ have done and are doing today. The God of the Bible is not to their liking and so they re-cast Him in a mold that better suits them. The entire "free will" movement is built upon an idolatrous image of God because they refuse to accept the depravity of man and the fact that without God each and every one of us is already headed to hell, which is exactly what we deserve, but for His own glory God chose to save some from their well-deserved eternal abode.

To people who have made God into an idol more suitable to their tastes for worship, they have cast God as an equal opportunist who loves everybody and could not possibly deal with them any other way. They will often say things like, "God is a gentleman." No, God is not a gentleman—God is GOD! To cast Him as a gentleman—especially what you perceive a gentleman to be—is to make a mental idol of God. You are doing precisely what the second commandment forbids you to do. Those who worship God must worship Him "in spirit and truth" (John 4:24).

Scripture reveals to us that God is just as much a Judge as He is a Father. Remember that.