Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wrong Focus In Music

The only reason why certain artists/bands are popular on the Christian music scene is because of their contagious beats with watered down lyrics. Most people listening to music are ignorant and have no clue what a song is saying because they are wrapped up in how "awesome" and "cool" the beats are. Certain artists/bands that are falsely labelled as "Christian" are only popular because of the "awesome" and "cool" beats their songs have, while every song is void of any Christian message and are merely vacuums that suck away your soul. People need to learn to be lyrically focused and not rhythmically focused. Even most secular songs these days have contagious beats but are void of content lyrically. They write a bunch of lyrics that make no sense and have no purpose, and then throw a good beat down on top of it and all these ignorant individuals think it is a great song. The rhythm, or beats, do not make the song. Lyrics are the heart and soul of any song. If people started becoming lyrically conscious, do you think half the popular "Christian" artists/bands would still be popular? No, they would not.

The lack of any Christian message in the lyrics of these artists/bands is attempted defence by ignorant individuals who do not know their Bibles, likely do not know Christ, and do not know better. They like to argue that these bands do not mention Christ because they want the audience to search for God on their own, to find out what makes the artist/band different from secular artists/bands. No one has ever sought after God. The Bible makes this abundantly clear. The only way people know about God is for people to boldly proclaim His name. The Bible also makes this abundantly clear: "Faith comes by the hearing of the word." "How shall they believe in Him they have not heard? How shall they hear if no one preach?" It is the Christian artist's/band's responsibility to preach Christ in their lyrics so that God may be exalted, the Christian may be edified and lifted up, and the unsaved may be evangelized. If your music does not do this, then you are not a Christian artist/band. You may or may not believe in God, but you are clearly a secular artist/band because your music is made for the secular world—not for God, not for Christians, and not for the unsaved. You are not fooling anyone other than yourselves and the fools who desperately want to believe you could in any way be Christian.

Smarten up, Christians! Get your priorities straight. Become lyrically focused and not rhythmically focused. Regardless of what your music is labelled as, if Christ is never proclaimed in and through it, then your music simply is not Christian. Your music is a case of wolves in sheep's clothing. You need to pray for wisdom, understanding, and discernment so you can recognize genuine Christian music from falsely labelled pretenders. Remember, Satan's motto is, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."