Monday, December 28, 2015

User-Friendly Nonsense

Even though it is not my intention to offend anyone with this article, I know that I am going to step on some toes. It is unavoidable. But I am in no way attempting to judge anyone. The purpose of this article is meant to have people look at the bigger picture and to have them examine themselves to see what kind of insignificant things they have placed as concerns and/or priorities in life and/or ministry that really have no importance at all. We live in a time of convenience and comfort and sometimes get sucked into it, having unreal expectations. Read on and you will see what I mean.

Since when did the pulpit one preaches the Gospel from become an inconvenience? Since when did it require comfort for the preacher? Since when was it a necessity to be user-friendly? Last I checked, the mandate was to preach the Gospel. There was nothing in there about comfort and user-friendliness.

Do we ever read or hear of anything where Martin Luther complained that his pulpit was not "user friendly"? Did John Calvin ever complain that his pulpit was not "user friendly"? How about John Wesley? What about George Whitefield? Jonathan Edwards? Surely Charles Spurgeon complained that his pulpit was not "user friendly." No? So why is that an issue with preachers today?

If these great preachers of the past were alive today, and heard about preachers complaining that their pulpit was not user friendly for all who spoke from it, what do you suppose they would have to say about it? I am certain that I do not have to tell you because I think you already know...