Sunday, December 27, 2015

Where Does Morality Come From?

A man I work with, after telling him that we do not get our morality from animals, in a conversation regarding homosexuality, said that we do not get it from a book written two thousand years ago either. This is an area that is a huge problem for fools like him. People like him want to think and/or believe that morals are relative. If that is the case, if morals are determined by you and I, then what is right and wrong? If morals are relative, determined by the individual, then what if my morals say it is okay to rape and murder your daughter? If morals are something we determine ourselves and do not come from a book written two thousand years ago, or from someone outside of us, then by what right can you judge me and say I did wrong by raping and murdering your daughter? You cannot!

This is what post-modern stupidity looks like, saying that there is no absolute truth and that truth is just relative to the individual.

The fact of reality is that morality comes from Someone outside of us. That Someone is God, and He wrote that morality down for us in a book. That book is called the Bible. Without the morality contained in that book, we would be left to ourselves and we would do whatever seemed right in our own eyes: raping and murdering someone's daughter, for example. Morality did not come from evolution. It did not come from society getting together and agreeing on certain things. Morality is intrinsically written upon our hearts by the Creator. We know what is right and wrong, what is true and false, but choose to suppress it in unrighteousness. We do not want to be caught having done something we know we should not have done, so we lie, even though we know intrinsically that lying is morally wrong.

So, yes, morality does come from the Bible, which was given to us by the Creator. Because He is holy and perfect, He determines what is or is not moral. We had no say in the matter and we have no say in the matter. If God did not set the standards of morality, then mankind would be left to themselves and men would do whatever was right in their own eyes. The system of right and wrong would be determined by each individual, which means if you sneezed in my direction I could lawfully kill you for it. Be thankful the Bible makes morality clearly known to men, because without it we would be more wicked than we already are.