Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Choice Quotes on Assurance

by Thomas Watson

Assurance is a consequent of sanctification; sanctification is the seed — assurance is the flower. But, as a letter may be written, and yet not sealed — so grace may be written in the heart, yet the Spirit may not have applied the seal of assurance.

True assurance is built on a Scriptural basis, Isaiah 32:17. The seed of righteousness is sown in the soul, and this seed brings forth the harvest of assurance. But presumption is like a will without seal or witnesses; presumption lacks both the witness of the Word and the seal of the Spirit.

As the sun, reflecting its beams on a burning-glass, causes the glass to burn whatever is near it — so assurance, which is God shining on the soul, makes it burn in love to God.

Assurance drops sweetness into every earthly comfort; for while sin embitters, and is like drinking a cup filled with wormwood — assurance sweetens every morsel, and a dinner of herbs with the assurance of God's love is princely fare.

Assurance works out contentment, it rocks the heart quiet. It is the saint's portion, and Heaven is his haven.

When grace is engraved on the heart, wait awhile, and there will be the sunshine of assurance. Whom God kisses — he crowns! Assurance is the first fruits of Paradise — but it is often kept to sweeten the bitter cup of death.

Faith may be strongest, when assurance is weakest. The woman of Canaan had no assurance — but she had glorious faith.

Assurance should be an antidote to trouble. What though there is but little oil in the cruse — you are rich in assurance. How sweetly does the bird sing that knows not where to pick up the next crumb! And shall they be discontented who have God's Word to assure them of daily bread, and his love to assure them of Heaven?

Keep faith upon the wing; it is the grace in active exercise, which ascends to assurance.

Keep assurance by humility; pride estranges God from the soul. The jewel of assurance, is best kept in the cabinet of an humble heart.

Assurance and fear are different but not contrary; a child may have assurance of his father's love — yet be afraid of offending him. Who more fearful of sin, than the apostle Paul — yet who had stronger assurance? "Who loved me, and gave himself for me." Faith procures assurance, fear preserves it. 

The godly fear — and sin not.
The wicked sin — and fear not!

Assurance establishes the Christian in troublous times; he is the likeliest to bear witness to the truth — who has the Spirit of God bearing witness to his heart. Let there be much diligence, much prayer, much holy confidence — and these, like oil, will make the lamp of assurance shine steadily and brightly.