Thursday, February 20, 2014

Choice Quotes on Christ

by Thomas Watson

In Christ, there is not only a sufficiency, but a redundancy, it overflows the banks.

Christ is never sweet — until sin is felt to be bitter; nor is he rest — until man feels sin to be a burden.

Temptation to Christ, was like throwing a bur on a mirror, which will not stick. His life was purer than the sunbeams.

If we are in Christ while we live, we shall go to Christ when we die. Union is the ground of privilege; hence we must be in Christ, before we can be with Christ.

The fullness which is in Christ, is as light in the sun; it dwells there — it is never-failing. The riches of Deity are in him, and the communication of this blessed fullness, is that which satisfies the soul.

Jesus Christ is an incomprehensible blessing. Whatever God can require for satisfaction, or we can need for salvation — is to be found in Christ. His name is the sweetest music to a Christian's ear — and his blood the most precious balm to a Christian's heart.

Christ died for our benefit. He suffered — that we might reign. He hung on the cross — that we might sit on the throne. His crucifixion — is our coronation.

At Christ's death, "the rocks split." Not to be affected with Christ's dying love, is to have hearts harder than rocks!

"When the arrow of a saint's prayer is put into the bow of Christ's intercession — it pierces the very heavens. It was love in God the Father to send Christ; and love in Christ, that he came to be incarnate. Christ's assuming our human nature, as it was a master-piece of wisdom, so it was a monument of free grace.

Christ is such a golden mine of wisdom, grace, and glory — which neither saints nor angels can ever fathom. There is both fullness and sweetness. Nor does a Christian only want necessities — in Christ he has unsearchable riches.

The full Godhead would be terrible to behold — we could not see it and live; but Jesus, clothing himself with humanity, makes the Divine nature beautiful and lovely to behold.

Christ sweetens all our comforts, and sanctifies all our crosses.

A beggar may behold the glory of a king, and not be happy; but Christ's glory shall be ours, "We shall be like Him."

Christ, who was veiled in the types, is clearly revealed in the looking-glass of the Scriptures.

Bread is satisfying; so Jesus Christ, the Bread of life, satisfies the soul. He satisfies the mind with confidence, the heart with affection, the conscience with peace.

Christ's Godhead gave both majesty and efficacy to his sufferings. Christ was the sacrifice, the priest, and the altar.

He was the sacrifice, as man.
He was the priest, being God-man.
He was the altar, being God.

We must look on sin with a penitent eye — and on Christ with a believing eye. We must weep for sin that slew Christ — but hope in the "Lamb slain" which takes away sin.

Christ mingles his sweet odors with the prayers of the saints; although they ascend from the believer weak and worthless — they proceed from Christ mighty and powerful.