Sunday, February 23, 2014

Choice Quotes on God

by Thomas Watson

Those excellencies which lie scattered in the creature — are all united and centered in God, as the beams are in the sun, and the drops are in the ocean.

When God says to the soul, "I am yours," it is enough — he cannot say more! He will be his people's God as long as he is God.

The creature is but a broken reed; God is the Rock of Ages.

Glory is essential to the Godhead, as light is to the sun. Glory is the sparkling of the Deity.

The glory of God must be a silver thread, to run through all our actions.

God cannot be God without his glory; this glory can receive no addition, for it is infinite.

There is in God all that may draw forth both wonder and delight. There is in him, a constellation of all beauties. He is the original and spring-head of being, who sheds a glory on the creature. We admire God in his attributes, which are the glittering beams by which the divine nature shines forth. We admire him in the promises, which are the charter of free grace, and the spiritual cabinet where the pearl of great price is hid. We admire God in the noble instances of his power and wisdom, such as none but a God could effect.

Oh! how does man shrink into nothing — when Infinite Majesty shines forth in his glory!

God being an infinite fullness — there is no fear of lack for any of the heirs of Heaven.

Here we see some beams of God's glory. We see him in the looking-glass of creation, and his image shines in the saints. But who can search out his essential glory? Let us adore Him — where we cannot fathom Him!

In Heaven we shall see God clearly, but not fully. He will communicate himself to us according to our measure — but not according to the infinity of his nature.

God's power is of equal extent with his will. God can, with a word, unpin the wheels of creation. God commands, and all creatures in earth and Heaven obey him. To contest with him, is as if the thorns should set themselves in battle-array against the fire, or as if an infant should challenge an archangel. God's power is never spent or wasted. "Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the Creator of the ends of the earth, does not faint or grow weary!" Isaiah 40:28

God's power makes him mighty; his holiness makes him glorious. Holiness is the most sparkling jewel of Jehovah's diadem. God is holy, efficiently; holiness began with him who is "the Ancient of days." He made the angels holy, he infused holiness into the human nature of Christ, and all the holiness of his saints is but a crystal stream, from Him, the fountain.

We borrow all our holiness from God. As the lights of the sanctuary were lighted from the middle lamp, so all the holiness of believers is lighted from Heaven: "I am the Lord who sanctifies you."

Conceive of God in Christ, we cannot see him any other way, as we cannot see the sun in the circle — but in the beams. The Godhead dwells in Christ's human nature: "for in him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily."

Through the bright mirror of his own essence, God has a full and perfect knowledge of all things. The world is to God, as a bee-hive constructed of glass, where you see the working of all within.

All things are unveiled to the eye of Jehovah: "You, O God, see me."

There is a holiness of similitude, and that we must aspire after, and thus have some analogy with God. We should be as like him in holiness, as the creature can resemble God.

God is called "the strength of Israel;" it is in his strength, that we stand, and not in our own. The child is safest in its father's arms; a little pinnace tied fast to a rock is safe; so are believers when fastened to the Rock of ages. "Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might."

There is majesty in God's name Jehovah, it imports his absolute, eternal, and independent being. There is majesty in God's looks; Job had but a glimpse of God, and he was overwhelmed with amazement (Job 42:5). There is majesty in God's words, as when he spoke from Sinai. There is majesty in God's attributes, which are the indications of the Divine essence. There is majesty in God's works — every creature sets forth his power and speaks his praise.

God's power makes him mighty, his mercy makes him lovely — but his holiness makes him glorious. "Glorious in holiness."

If God IS our portion, all our estate consists in jewels, which can never fade, never waste, and never be lost. "God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever!"

God is to be loved more than his mercies. Many love their deliverance, more than their deliverer.