Table of Contents

Exceptions for Abortion?
A Woman's Right to Choose?
Planned Parenthood Harvesting Baby Body Parts
Planned Parenthood
Still Think It's Not A Human?

What is Apostasy?
Apostasy: 1 Timothy 4:1-3
Apostasy: 2 Peter 2
Apostasy: Hebrews 3
Apostasy: Hebrews 6:4-8
Apostasy: Hebrews 10:26-31
Apostasy: Hebrews 12:14-29
Apostasy: Jude 5-16
Apostasy: John 15:1-8 (see also John 15:1-8)
Apostasy: 1 John 1-3, Part 1
Apostasy: 1 John 1-3, Part 2
Apostasy: Why the Warnings?
Misrepresenting Hebrews
19 Signs You Are Becoming an Apostate
Apostasy in Galatians
Will Jesus Find Faith At His Return?

Archaeology, History, and Science
What is Truth? Part 1
What is Truth? Part 2
What is Truth? Part 3
Multiple Genders or Two?
Race and Racism
Defending Your Faith, Part 1
Defending Your Faith, Part 2
Defending Your Faith, Part 3
Defending Your Faith, Part 4
The Gap Theory
A World-wide Flood
Dragons and Dinosaurs
Gilgamesh and Horus
Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate? Part 1
Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate? Part 2
Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate? Part 3
Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate? Part 4
Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate? Part 5
Is the Bible Scientifically Accurate? Part 6
Is the Book of Mormon Scientifically Accurate?
Is the Qu'ran Scientifically Accurate?
Two Great Cataclysms of Earth
Argumentum ad Ignorantiam
The Truth Concerning Galileo
Bad Science We Have Been Taught
Does Archaeology Support the Bible?
What is "Science" and "Scientific Method"?
Unscientific Assertions: Gold
They Are Both Religions
Award-Winning Christian Musicians Mock Biblical Creationists
Prejudice or Racism?
The Deliberate Ignorance of Evolutionists
Ockham's Razor
Gender and Sex
Bill Nye Foolish Guy
The First Amendment
All This Space To Glorify God
Where Is the Evidence, Atheists?
You Do Not Need A Degree To Be A Scientist
Two Infallible Books
Men and Women ARE Different
Red Pilling Atheists
Which Is Most Unlikely?
Whose Belief Is More Foolish? 

Why Do People Disagree with Infant Baptism?
Baptism's Meaning
The "New" Covenant
Covenant Households
Infant Baptism Made Easy (or An Attempt at Such)
Baptism: Quick and Biblical
Historical Context and Baptism
Baptism: How Should It Be Administered?
Jesus' Baptism
The Law and Baptism
The Ethiopian Eunuch's Baptism
Paul's Baptism
Circumcision and Baptism
The Philippian Jailer's Baptism
Baptizo (βαπτιζω)
Romans 6:3-4: Eisegesis vs Exegesis
Gavin Ortlund's Confusion On Baptism
Baptism In the Old Testament
Augustus Strong On Baptism
Baptist Eisegesis Concerning Baptism
Baptism and Making Disciples
Synthaptō (συνθαπτω)
John the Purifier

Bible, The
KJV-Onlyism vs. Its Translators
Hidden Messages in Genesis 5
Best Selling, Least Read
Canonicity of the Bible
Jude: A Translation
God's Love-letter
Let Me Tell You A Secret
This Incomparable Book
This Book
The Bible Is No Lazy Man's Book
The Book of God
The Protestant's Bible
Why the Bible Should Not Contain External Elements
Facts Concerning the Apocrypha
What's Wrong With Gender-Inclusive Translations?
The NIV (New International Version)
Lost Books of the Bible?
Eisegetical Biblical Translations
Revelation 22:18-19
Non-Literal Bible Translations
Is Reason Faith's Enemy?
The Geneva English Bible: The Shocking Truth
Two Infallible Books
The Bible, the Whole Bible, and Nothing But the Bible!

Bible Study
Why Christians are Afraid to Study God's Word
Turning Believers into Bereans, Part 1
Turning Believers into Bereans, Part 2
Turning Believers into Bereans, Part 3
Recommended Resources
Ruth 1: Ruth Renouncing
Ruth 2: Ruth Requesting
Ruth 3: Ruth Resting
Ruth 4: Ruth Reaping
Exegesis vs. Eisegesis
14 Questions to Ask Your Bible
Search the Scriptures!
Notes on the Epistles
Studying To Be Approved, Like the Bereans
How To Identify Counterfeits
Misquoting the Bible: John 3:16
Misquoting the Bible: 2 Peter 3:9
Misquoting the Bible: Jeremiah 29:11
Misquoting the Bible: Philippians 4:13
Misquoting the Bible: Ephesians 5:21
Goliath: Four Sons or Four Brothers?
The Reality of Hell
Let Me Tell You A Secret
The Problem With So-called "Study" Bibles
Rules For Bible Study
Our Only Rule of Faith and Practice
Genesis 6:1-4
The Pearl of Great Price
That's Not In the Bible
Misquoting the Bible: The Helper
Misquoting the Bible: Luke 19:27
Misquoting the Bible: Luke 11:9
Misquoting the Bible: Romans 8:28
Misquoting the Bible: Matthew 7:1
Cain: The First Works Righteousness
John 15:1-8
Misquoting the Bible: Matthew 18:20
Having A Pope of Your Own
How To Study the Bible

Children / Family / Parenting
Children Learn What They Live
Rules For Raising Children
10 Ways to (Wrongly) Provoke Your Children and Violate Ephesians 6:4
Teen Creed
Protecting Your Children From Pornography
Parental Quotes
Why My Family Doesn't Do Sleepovers
Questions For Potential Suitors
The 21 Rules of This House

Church, The (and Related Issues)
R-rated Church vs. the Bible
Rediscovering Expository Preaching
The Old Testament: Is it Valid for the Christian?
To Wine or Not to Wine
Contending with Loveless Churches, Part 1
Contending with Loveless Churches, Part 2
The World's Christianity
How to Find a Good Church
Signs and Wonders vs. Charismata
Slavery: Is it Wrong?
Gullible Christians
The Christian's Motto
Authors, Preachers, Theologians
Separation of Church and State?
Women Pastors: What Does the Bible Say?
Was Pentecost the Church's Beginning?
Judge Not...
Church Discipline
Missions and Evangelism
The Veil Torn In Two
Just Convert Already!
Jesus' Teachings On Love
Who's the Biggest Failure In the Bible?
Can We Stop This Nonsense?
When Your Pastor Sins
Slaves or Sons?
No Restoration To Ministry For Pastors Who Commit Adultery
What's So Special About Sunday?
15 Churches Christians Should NOT Attend
"Unconditional Love"? Unbiblical Nonsense!
Two Camps Within American Christianity
The God of Popular Christianity
Indifference Within the Church
Love: Lacking In the Church
Feeding Sheep, or Amusing Goats?
God Does Not Love You
Christian or Jesus Follower?
The Rich Man and Lazarus: NOT a Parable
The Disciple's Prayer
Three Attitudes A Christian Should Avoid
User-Friendly Nonsense
Dishonest and Deceptive Christians
Is the Great Commission For All Christians?
The Christian's Role In the Church
The Christian's Role In the Community
Can Women Be Deacons?
What Is A Successful Ministry?
Your Constitution? Or God's Word?
A Manifesto of Christian Discernment
A Warning For Christian Women
Biblical Qualifications For A Pastor
Christian Disciple
The Apathetic Church
The Keys To Everything Christian
Do Not Be A Coward! Wield Your Sword, Christian!
The Gospel Under Siege 

Creeds, Catechisms, & Confessions
Apostle's Creed
Nicene Creed
Chalcedonian Creed
Athanasian Creed
Heidelberg Catechism
Westminster Shorter Catechism
Westminster Confession of Faith

Cults: Charismaticism
Divine, Physical Healing
The Truth About Tongues: Known Human Languages
Piper Addresses Strange Fire and Charismatic Chaos
Can You Lose Your Salvation?
Please Don't Get Soaked
SOZO: The Seeking of A False Jesus
Itching Ears
John 15:1-8

Cults: Islam
Is the Qu'ran Scientifically Accurate?
If You Cannot Do Likewise, Accept It As True
Islam: Spawn of Satan
A 1400 Year Secret
Islam Is NOT A Religion!
Is Female Genital Mutilation In Islam False?
Allah Killed Muhammad
Who Is a True Muslim?
Muhammad Belongs To Jesus
Allah the Shirk
Mohammad: A Cross-dressing Homosexual
Islam Creep Statistics
50+ Reasons Muhammad Was Not A Prophet
Can A Good Muslim Be A Good American?
Islam's Saviour of Mankind
Fact-Checking "10 Lies You Were Told About Islam"
Muhammad's Seal of Prophethood
Muhammad DID Have Sex With A Child
Is Islam A Religion of Peace?
Is Muhammad In the Bible?
Who Is the Real Jesus?
Is the Qur'an Perfectly Preserved?
Qur'an Verses Everyone Should Know
Muhammad the Necrophiliac
All Cultures and Religions ARE NOT Equal!
A Letter to Shabir Yusuf
A Message To All Immigrants (But Especially Muslims)
Poland Has the Right Idea

Cults: Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Witnesses' False Interpretations
Did Jesus Say He Was God?
Is Jesus Really Michael the Archangel? 

Cults: Mormonism
Witnessing to a Mormon, Part 1
Witnessing to a Mormon, Part 2
Witnessing to a Mormon, Part 3
Witnessing to a Mormon, Part 4
Witnessing to a Mormon, Part 5
Witnessing to a Mormon, Part 6
Mormonism and One God
Mormonism and Hell
Is the Book of Mormon Scientifically Accurate?
50 Questions to Ask Mormon Missionaries
If You Cannot Do Likewise, Accept It As True
Mormonism's Backward Theology

Cults: Roman Catholicism
The Man of Sin, Part 1
The Man of Sin, Part 2
The Man of Sin, Part 3
The Man of Sin, Part 4
The Man of Sin, Part 5
Jesus Says to Rome
The "Catholic" Church
Was Peter the Rock?
Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church
Are Catholics Christian?
25 Reasons Peter Was Not the First Pope

Cults: Seventh-Day Adventism
Seventh-Day Adventism
7th-Day Adventists and Hell
Keep the Sabbath Day Holy?

Cults and "Christian" Sects
Facebook: Metaphysical Café Forum
Divine, Physical Healing
What is Deism?
Judaism and the Talmud
They Are Both Religions
What Is A Cult?
Can You Lose Your Salvation?
Dispensationalism's Muslim Anti-Christ
Are We All God's Children?
Confronting Silly Beliefs
Canonical vs. Apocryphal
The Shack: Fictional? Theological? Or Both?
Itching Ears
How To Discern False Teachers
Atheistic Evolutionary Inconsistency
Two False Christianities
12 Verses That Obliterate the Prosperity Gospel
Was Brian Houston Taken Out of Context?

How Can I, Like Enoch, Walk with God?
Striving for the Goal
Godly Decisions
Love is the Law of the Christian Life
Watch How You Live!
Allowance of Sin
A Boy is the Only Thing God Can Use to Make a Man
A Love-letter Sent to You from God
Adam Was Not Deceived
God's Arrows Never Miss the Mark
A Christian is One Who Follows Christ
Trembling at God's Word
My Portion!
Salt and Light
Genuine Believers in Christ
Your Word is Your Bond
Get Off Your High Horse
Idolatrous Professors of Christ
We Might As Well Sing Mother Goose Rhymes
Everything is New Under the Son
Christ's Sword
Have This Attitude...
Old vs. New: Authors, Preachers, Theologians
Law vs. Grace
The Keys of the Kingdom
Greek, Latin, and Hebrew!
If You Go To Hell...
Garbage In, Garbage Out
For Better or Worse
Galatians 1:4
The Essential Thing In the Christian Life
God Separates the Sin Which He Hates—From the Soul Which He Loves
Some People Want Only As Much of God's Salvation As Will Keep Them Out of Hell
What Does the Lord Require of You?
Beware the Yeast
God's Most Hated Attribute
Prove It!
Who Does He Think He Is?
The God of This Generation
Church-going Atheists
Your Worthy Walk
Either God or They Must Change
Exercise Self-Control
Sign Here!
Knowing God
Two Thieves of the Gospel
To Him Who Overcomes
Others Can, You Cannot!
Be Thankful
No Way!
Had He Known Me Better! (Humility)
Woe To Those Who Find Truth
Witch Hunt
God's Perfect Justice and Unconditional Election
If We Are Forgiven, Why Ask Forgiveness?
Choosing To Remember Sin No More
A Man Who Hears Many Sermons
Universal Nonsense
The Far Reach of Christians
Five Short Rules For Christians
Do Not Love the World
Seek FIRST the Kingdom

Dispensationalism: The Rapture
Arrogance of the West
The Rapture in the Synoptic Gospels?
The Rapture in the Gospel of John?
The Rapture in 1 Corinthians 15?
The Rapture in 1 Thessalonians 4?
The Rapture in 1 Thessalonians 5?
The Rapture in 2 Thessalonians?
The Rapture in Revelation?
Revelation 3:10

Dispensationalism: The Great Tribulation
What Comes After 69?
The 'Great' Tribulation, Part 1
The 'Great' Tribulation, Part 2
Jacob's Trouble
Matthew 24
Was the Kingdom Postponed?
Events of the 'Last Day'

Dispensationalism: More Foolishness
The Ephesians Road, Part 1
The Ephesians Road, Part 2
The Ephesians Road, Part 3
The Ephesians Road, Part 4
The Ephesians Road, Part 5
The Ephesians Road, Part 6
Is Dispensationalism Anti-Semitic?
The Church Is Israel Now
Christian Zionism
Are Jews God's Chosen People?
Who Are God's Chosen People?
The Land Promise
In This Way All Israel Will Be Saved
Romans 11:17-24
95 Theses Against Dispensationalism
True Israel
Is Christ's Return Imminent?
Complications With Daniel's 70 Weeks
Salvation After the Rapture?
The Disciples' Two Questions
Dispensationalism's Muslim Anti-Christ
A Scatter-brained God
The Last Trumpet
Taken and Left
What Kind of Throne Was It?
The Stupidity of Dispensationalism

Election and Predestination
2 Peter 3:9
The Word "World"
Did Jesus Die for All Men?
Who Did Jesus Die For?
Bought with a Price
Saved By Grace
Faith is a Gift
What is God Sovereign Over?
Sovereignty Scriptures
Salvation, Predestination, & Election
Loving Predestination
Explaining Election
God's Redemptive Plan
The Freewill Error
The Height of Hypocrisy
1 John 2:1-2
John 3:14-16
Limited Atonement vs. Universalism
Preserving Grace
Radical Depravity in John
Sovereign Election in John
Definite Atonement in John: World & All
John 6:37-44
All Mine Are Yours, and Yours Are Mine
The Lie of Free Choice
Does God Love the Unrepentant Sinner?
I Have Chosen You!
Your Are Mine!
Make Your Calling and Election Sure
The Most Despised Verse In the Entire Bible
23 Questions On Coming To Christ
The Truth of Biblical Election
The Foundation of the World
Eternal Security Made Simple

Watch How You Live!
For Our Viewing Pleasure?
One of the Broadest Avenues That Lead To Destruction
Amused, Entertained, Seduced
Religious Entertainment
What Are You Watching?
Beware of Light Reading
A Dangerous Snare For Christians
Holiness: Christian Sanctification
What is Legalism?
Tests of True Conversion
Genuine Christianity
60 Christian Character Builders
35 Reasons Not to Sin
Examine Yourself...
Tests from the Epistle of 1 John
12 Marks of a Holy Man
Holy Club Member Tests
What is Pride?
Renew Your Mind
The Sin-less Christian
20 Ways Satan May Seek to Destroy You
7 Questions to Ask a Friend
How Could I Sin?
Dead to Sin: One Step at a Time
The Description of the Godly Man
Go, and Sin No More
If You Love Me...Be TRUE Christians
Have This Attitude...
Rules For Self-Knowledge
If the World Loves Us, Smiles On Us, and Speaks Well of Us
Cheap Grace
Why, They Are Like Jesus Christ
Constant Multiplication of Corrupted Copies
So Many Millions of Nominal Christians
Saving Faith: The Mark of a True Christian
An Infallible Test
Without Holiness, No One Will See Jesus
Holiness and the Gospel
How Unholy Can I Be and Still Be Christian?
Expose and Avoid the Darkness
You Won't Stop Sinning Until You Start Walking By the Spirit
Bad Company Corrupts Good Character
This, and Nothing But This, Is True Christianity! 

Exegeting Homosexuality, Part 1
Exegeting Homosexuality, Part 2
Exegeting Homosexuality, Part 3
Exegeting Homosexuality, Part 4
Leviticus 18
Handling the Word of God Deceitfully
A Brief Letter About Homosexuality
Bow Down and Worship
False Tolerance
Tolerance and Inclusiveness
Typical Debate Tactics of the Unsaved
The Creation Account vs. Homosexuality
Homosexual Tactics: Anything Goes!
The Hypocrisy of the LGBT Community
Exegesis: Not for the Faint of Heart
Genesis 19: What the Bible Really Says Were the Sins of Sodom
Romans 1: What was Paul Ranting About?
Why No One in the Biblical World Had a Word for Homosexuality
Leviticus 18 and 20
Is Homosexuality a Choice?
Lies and False Messages in Rap Song Lyrics: "Same Love"
The Bible and Homosexuality
Apology for Repetition
Why Christians Should NOT Re-think "Gay Marriage"
Ten Things I Wish Homosexuals Knew About the Truth
Illogical Homosexual Arguments
A Letter to Harry Knox
The Health Risks of Gay Sex
Exegesis Avoids Abusing Scripture
Does the Bible Forbid Homosexual Behaviour and Not Homosexuality?
Temptations: The Truth Behind Homosexuality
Pais (παις): A Young Male Lover?
Ezekiel 16 and Sodom's Sin
Matthew Vines' Greatest Fallacy
Vicky Beeching Comes Out
Alex Haiken: Liar and Deceiver
The Bible’s Clear Condemnation of Homosexuality
Biblical Theology and the Sexuality Crisis
What Real Freedom From Homosexuality Looks Like
Homosexual Agenda Strikes Again
The Ignorance of Modern Americans
It Is ALL Homosexuality
LGBT: Choice Or Genes?
Two of the Dumbest Common Homosexual Arguments
Moral Issues Confronting Christians: Homosexuality
Trey Pearson: Another False Convert
A Sign of the Times
Homosexual "Love"
Sexuality and Gender
Homosexual Agenda Infects More TV Shows
Humanity By Design
Homosexuality and Pedophilia
Gay Rights?
Same Love (A Response)
Woe To You, Church!
Open Letter of Apology to the Gay Community (From A Christian)
I Was Born This Way
Jars of Clay Singer Promotes Gay Marriage
Homosexuality vs The Freedom of Expression
A Message of Hope
Homosexual Theology

Jesus Christ
Crucifixion and Resurrection
Who Is Jesus Christ?
Names of Jesus Christ
Jesus in Every Book of the Bible
Jesus the A to Z
Everything in Jesus, and Jesus Everything
Christ Exalted!
Jesus: Did He Exist, and Who was He?
Christmas: The Birth of Christ?
My Portion!
What Jesus Must Think of Modern Professing Christianity
True Israel
Jesus' Baptism
Did Jesus Descend Into Hell?
Did Jesus Say He Was God?

Marriage (and Related Issues)
Marriage: Count the Cost
Marriage: Divorce and Re-marriage
Marriage: Forgiveness and Reconciliation
The Driscolls' "Real Marriage"
Re-marriage is Adultery
Divorcing Divorce
Lessons Husbands and Wives Can Learn
Can Men and Women Be 'Just Friends'?
Becoming Esther
Proverbs 31: Traits of a Good Woman
Am I the One?
A 'Love Triangle' is Not Quickly Broken
Wishful Thinking?
16 Ways to Avoid Marital Failure
Things to Look for in a Spouse
What to Look for in a Life Partner
All the Days of My Life
Roles Assigned in Eden
What is Real Love?
What is Marriage?
Who Pays for Your Spouse's Sin?
Direction Toward Marriage
What Does it Mean to "Love" Your Wife?
What Does it Mean to...?
What is Marriage? What Does Marriage Entail?
Wearing White on the Wedding Day
The Character Traits of a Godly Wife
The Qualities of a Godly Husband
Marriage: What's Love Got to Do with it?
John 4: The Woman at the Well
Rules for Domestic Happiness
Putting Biblical Marriage Asunder: Is It Possible?
How To Know if You Married The "Right" Person
Lead Me
The Seven-Year Itch and the Joy of Lifelong Marriage
The Doctrine of Divorce
10 Men Christian Women Should NOT Marry
10 Women Christian Men Should NOT Marry
4 Purposes of Marriage
Divorce & Remarriage
Marriage: Fornication and Adultery
What Is Love?
Fornication (Physical and Spiritual)
Modern Weddings: Why Are They Completely Backwards?
Grounds For Divorce?
Jay Adams On Remarriage
Porneia (πορνεια) vs. Moicheia (μοιχεια)
More Divorce Eisegesis Refuted
Purity, Not Virginity
10 Women Christian Men Should Never Marry
10 Men Christian Women Should Never Marry
Woman's Role In the Family

Book Review: Systematic Theology
Romans 6
One Word of Truth Outweighs the Whole World
Unfinished Blog Blurbs
Noah's Ark
Recall Notice
A New Year's Resolution
"Jesus Loves You"
Michael Gungor's Absurd Declarations
I See Dead People
Love Thy Selfie
My Religion Is . . . Love?
The Walking Dead
Circumstantial Evidence
Salesmanship Christianity
The Lion Will Lay Down With the Lamb
Dumb Things Christians Say
Wasting Precious Time
Admiration, Envy, and Jealousy
You Talk About God Too Much
Santa's Moral Judgments
False Biblical Quote: Life or Light?
True Tolerance
5 Ways Christians Should Judge
Watch Out For Bandwagon Crusades
Why Does Truth Matter So Much?
The Second Fundamental Freedom
Disney's Zootopia and Its Hidden Agenda
7 Harsh Realities of Life Millennials Need To Understand
Gender Inequality
Political Correctness
Facts Don't Care About Your Feelings
False Feminist Wage Discrepancy
Top 10 Reasons George Soros Is Dangerous
Why I No Longer Debate On Forums and the Like
The Arminian Highlighter
No Reasoning With Emotional Ideologies
Answering Stefan Molyneux
Questioning Stefan Molyneux
A Time Like No Other
Hyper-Calvinism 2
Hyper-Calvinism 3
Arminianist Interpretation
Was Brian Houston Taken Out of Context?
Do Not Revere A Reverend! 

Modesty Heart Check
What Christian Modesty Looks Like
How Christian Modesty Acts
Four Guidelines For Modesty
Women, Adorn Yourselves With Modest Clothing

Is Rock Music Against God?
What is Christian Music?
Are You a Christian Band/Artist?
The 107 Theses
Wrong Focus In Music
The Responsibility of Christian Musicians
7 Biblical Tests For Christians and Music
"Christian" Music You Should Avoid

Other Sexual Deviances
Biological Identity March
Gender Identity
Gender Spectrum?
Malakoi: Trans-women and Effeminate Gay Men
Gender Ideology Harms Children
Transpeople's Ignorance of English

Pornography and Lust
Combating Lust
Ten Ways to Break the Stronghold of Pornography
Killing the Beast of Pornography
40 Powerful Reasons to Avoid Pornography
Fighting Sexual Sin
About Sex
Protecting Your Children From Pornography
7 Good Reasons to Stop Looking at Porn Right Now

Romans 7
Who is the Man in Romans 7?
Do Christians Walk in Sin?
A True Portrait of the Christian
Believe Right!
Romans 7 is NOT About Christians!
Romans 7 is NOT About Christians! Part Deux
So What's Really Up with Romans 7?
Following Paul's Arguments
Dead to Sin: One Step at a Time
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones On Romans 7:14-25
The Experiental Interpretation of Romans 7
Romans 7
The Helplessness of the Sinner, Romans 7:7-8:4
Whom Does the Man in Romans 7:14-25 Represent?
Romans Seven

Salvation: Genuine and False
The Gospel
Jesus' Bookend Declaration
Few There Are That Find It
The Few
Characterized By Sin? Not a Christian!
He is Not a Christian...
The Struggle with Sin
Hell is for Wimps
Would You Be Convicted?
Christianity vs. Religion
Being a Disciple
Why Jesus Doesn't Want You to "Ask Him Into Your Heart"
We Are Not Saved By a Creed!
The Requirement for Going to Heaven
God Could Never Forgive Me
Assurance of Salvation
God is NOT Your Alibi
40-Billion-Dollar Questions
Genuine Believers in Christ
If You Love Me...Be TRUE Christians
Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart
Red Letter Christians
The New Birth
Half-hearted Christianity
Genuine vs False
Both Apostles Are Right
Christian Idolatry
Cheap Grace
Personal Relationship? Unbiblical Nonsense!
A Torch To Light People To Hell
Orthodox In Creed—But Heterodox In Life
Saving Faith: The Mark of a True Christian
Another One Bites the Dust
The Most Monstrous Iniquity
The Gospel of Christ Admits of No Compromise
Genuine Faith and Repentance
There's No Cost of Being A Christian In America
It Is By Grace You Have Been Saved
Borrowed Faith
The Almost Christian
Have You Been Saved?
Having Weak Faith
Jellyfish Christianity vs True Christianity

Sin: How Do We Recognize It?
What is Sin?
Whatever Became of Sin?
Sin is What Sinners Do
Are We Born Without Sin?
The 10 Commandments
Go, and Sin No More
Born This Way 2
Pathological Narcissism

Sola Fide (Faith Alone)
By Faith Alone? I Don't Think So!
Sola Fide?
What Is Meant By Works?
James' "Works": Commentary Evidence
James' "Works": John Calvin's Commentary
Final Words On James' "Justification By Works"
Justification: Romans 4 and James 2
Types of Works
Formulas of Faith
Faith: An Example
A Frustrating Issue
The Contrast Between Faith and Works
The Problem
Theological Definitions Must Measure Up To Scripture
The Four (4) Solas
We Contribute NOTHING To Our Salvation
Justification ≠ Salvation

Theological Terms We Use
Christological Heresies
Other Heresies
Doctrines Produced During the 1800s
Defining Our Terms
Types of Apologetics

Thought Provoking
God's Not Dead!
Remember This
God's Promises
A Letter from God
Take It or Leave It
29 Ways to Identify a Fool
Let's Talk about Love
Let's Talk about Nudity
Fallacious Arguments
Re-thinking "Proving God Exists"
I Will Be Happy Tomorrow
The Christian Jihad
Where Does Morality Come From?
What Was Christianity Before?
What Were They Before They Were "Christians"?

Traditions Examined
Did Eve Add To God's Word?
Was the Serpent Satan?

Triune Godhead
Created in the Image of God
Triune Being

God Does Not Love You
You Have No Opinion On the Matter

Wise and Holy Sayings
Choice Quotes on Affliction
Choice Quotes on Assurance
Choice Quotes on Christ
Choice Quotes on Christians
Choice Quotes on Contentment
Choice Quotes on Faith
Choice Quotes on the Fear of God
Choice Quotes on Grace, and the Graces of the Spirit
Choice Quotes on God
Choice Quotes on Heaven
Choice Quotes on Holiness
Choice Quotes on Love
Choice Quotes on Mercy
Choice Quotes on Prayer
Choice Quotes on Scripture
Choice Quotes on Sin
Choice Quotes from William Gurnall
Choice Quotes

We, the Klavers
For and Against
Who We Are

*Several of these articles could appear under multiple subject headings due to their content, but only the rare ones have been ordered in such a way. All others appear under their key subject heading (or an approximation thereof).